Hulu is Judging Me

For those of you who may not have read it on The Magical Buffet’s Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages (Technically it’s Rebecca Elson on Google+, but where I go so does The Buffet.), on the 19th I went in for gallbladder surgery and my recovery has not exactly been going to plan. I knew that despite getting to go home the same day as my surgery, that it was going to take time to recover, but I seem to have picked up the worst side effects of surgery. It took about 5 days to fully shake off the effects of the anesthetic, so those days were spent nauseous on the couch, and I also appear to have lost the ability to sleep. The longest block of sleep I’ve had since the surgery was 4 hours, and since apparently that was so huge, I wasn’t able to get any additional sleep during the day.

I’ve always been awful on no sleep, now add in surgery and the anxiety of wondering if the surgery is actually going to help me, and to say I’m a useless wreck is being generous. I’m crying while writing thank you notes, walking into walls, and just generally being a volatile pain in my poor husband’s ass.

Because of this I haven’t been publishing anything on The Magical Buffet. Or writing anything for The Magical Buffet. Or really doing any emails or anything for The Magical Buffet. Essentially, I’m petrified to think what I would be like interacting with the world at large. Just ask my friends and family who haven’t heard anything from me since I had the operation. I can only assume that this situation will improve, but until then I’m going to be pretty erratic with regards to The Buffet. I just didn’t want you guys to worry that something was wrong with the site. Merely with its publisher.

I do have a few thoughts I wanted to share before I sign off.

I have regrets that I didn’t ask the surgeon to sew me up so that my scars would look like gun shot wounds. My husband tried to cheer me up by telling me they might pass for knife wounds, but seriously, I would’ve had to have been attacked by the world’s wussiest knife. I pondered the idea of having been shanked with a shiv, but selling a knife wound is hard enough. A knife wound AND prison time? I think not. I guess my dreams of a “Thug Life” tattoo across my potbelly will have to go unfulfilled.

Also, given my weakened mental state, passing the time has been pretty pathetic. I have a HUGE stack of awesome looking books that publishers sent me for reviews and/or interviews, but I can’t focus enough to really give them the attention they deserve. That same lack of focus means the movies in my Netflix queue are remaining unwatched. However, I don’t really have any energy to do anything, so I am kind of stuck in front of the television.

That said, a while back we got rid of our cable package so our household runs on Netflix, Hulu, and Hulu Plus. But again, I don’t really want to watch anything new because of my lack of focus and also, whatever I watch I want to be familiar enough that I might potentially take a nap while it’s on. So Netfilx has been primarily streaming some Rebecca staples; like “Mythbusters”, “Top Gear”, “Monster Quest”, “Futurama”, and “No Reservations”. Thanks to Hulu Plus and our Playstation 3 there has also been a lot of “Family Guy”. Annoyingly though, there are some things that you can only watch on your computer instead of streaming through the PS3, but it’s no big deal because we have our laptop set up to play on our television. Yay! With that setup I decided to rewatch the entire run of the television show “Three Sheets”, a show that follows entertainer Zane Lamprey as he travels the world drinking. Hulu’s description is, “Can you say ‘I’m buying’ in 12 languages? Embark on this international drinking tour with comedian Zane Lamprey who takes you around the world to master the local drinking customs.” It’s fun, and many countries feature rum.

Overall it’s been nice to be curled up on the sofa replaying all the episodes, but after three hours of nonstop play you get this message:

Need a Break? You have been watching for more than 3 hours.

No Hulu, I don’t need a break. If I ever recover my goal is to become a functional alcoholic. Don’t judge me.

Well, hopefully I haven’t embarassed myself with this little update and more so I hope that The Buffet will be back up and running like it’s usual self soon. It just requires me to get back to my usual self first.

As always, thank you all for all of your support!