Is Obama Keeping His Promises?

Shortly after President Obama was elected I thought it would be cool to try to track his progress at keeping his campaign promises for The Magical Buffet website. However, then I thought about the time and research that would require and went, never mind. But then I received a copy of “President Obama’s 500 Promises” from U.S. Games Systems.

This box is really neat. It contains 510 cards that compile promises Obama made in interviews, debates, speeches, and on his website while campaigning to become President. It gives the promise, such as Promise 37 “Extend tax cuts for lower incomes” and then provides a bit of explanation. In this case, “Extend the Bush tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 (couples) or $200,000 (single).”

What’s the big whoop about that, you may be asking. Well, if I’m curious as to what is going on with this promise I can just go to, type Promise 37 into their search engine, and bam! I can find out what’s going on with it. In this case, the Promise is “In the Works”. The website tells me where the Promise came from originally and provides updates as to what is going on with the Promise to justify its “In the Works” rating. How freakin’ easy and sweet is that?

Also, the information isn’t from some hack at a computer, like yours truly, it’s from PolitiFact, who just won a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the 2008 election. A Pulitzer bitches! (I apologize. I just really wanted to say “Pulitzer bitches!”, like I had a Pulitzer of my own.) And it’s because this great group won a Pulitzer that I will forgive them for having the horribly named, “Truth-O-Meter”, “Flip-O-Meter”, and, wait for it, “Obameter” sections on their site. Great sources of information, well presented, and easily read….but silly names.

So, back to this box of awesome I received called “President Obama’s 500 Promises”. What can one do with a box like this? I think any group of politically minded friends would have fun with this. Each person draws a card. Read the Promise to the group. Everyone vote as to whether Obama has kept the promise, broke the promise, compromised, is it stalled, in the works, or has no action been taken. Then go to the website and see who is right. (Perhaps whoever is wrong has to drink. I haven’t quite fine tuned this into a proper drinking game yet. You might just have to play for the entertainment and educational value alone.)

Or perhaps if, let’s say you had an eclectic blog and wanted to occasionally mention to readers various promises that the President has made and let everyone know what is going on with them, you could probably use it for that too.

Promise 122: Expand the Family Medical Leave Act to include leave for domestic violence or sexual assault.

And how is that coming Mr. President?

No action? Get on that.