A New Science of the Paranormal

It’s time for all my paranormal peeps to step up their game, and Lawrence LeShan is just the man to school you.

I recently finished reading LeShan’s new book “A New Science of the Paranormal” and I have to tell you, I was blown away. Why wouldn’t I be? He has twenty or so books published and he has been in the psi studying game since before I was born! This guy has probably forgotten more about psychic phenomena than I, or you for that matter, will ever know. Now LeShan is here to tell us all how to grow up and start studying it like the big boys, and let me tell you, it’s simple and hard, all at the same time.

LeShan calls for an entire reevaluation as to how we look at science, and from this new perspective shows you how to apply it to studying psychic phenomena as a science. Let’s be clear here, LeShan isn’t telling us to forget about science, he asks you to really think about how science and scientific discovery work. Amongst many persuasive arguments, one suggestion is using the example of how physicists and mathematicians have accepted the idea that you have to change the system of reality you are using if you wish to solve certain problems as an approach to take in psychical research.

“A New Science of the Paranormal” is a fascinating read. LeShan uses passion and logic, and by the end of the book you find yourself asking, how can I help make this happen?