Before we dive in let me be upfront about this particular post. It is plug-o-centric. Plug-a-ma-tastic. Loaded with pluggy goodness. (And by the way, why isn’t spell check telling me that “pluggy” isn’t a word?) So yes, this is a whole lot of me just blabbing about how awesome something is, but I want to state for the record that I’m not being compensated in anyway for my endless blathering to follow and that the items I discuss were even purchased as opposed to being given to me as promotional items. With that boring bit out of the way, on with the awesome!

You may remember that while I was at TempleFest 2011 I purchased Intense Lotion from the guys at FairySpa. Holy crap do I love it! They describe it as “One of our most popular products, Intense, an extra moisturizing lotion with the addition of three natural skin healing herbs, lavender, chamomile and calendula, for extremely dry or cracked skin. Perfect for gardeners, sensitive skin or anyone in need of extra-moisturizing without greasy residue!” It doesn’t leave a greasy residue, but much to my surprise it moisturizes so well that the first time I end up washing my hands after using it I still find my hands feeling soft and supple. My stupidly dried out fingernails do better with no nail polish and me using the Intense Lotion regularly than they do with nail polish! I have sensitive skin and the lotion doesn’t bother me any, and I’m thrilled that it doesn’t feature an annoying fragrance. If you’re in the market for a great hand lotion, I heartily recommend FairySpa!

I didn’t mention that while I was at TempleFest visiting Dawn Hunt at Cucina Aurora that Jim and I purchased a pack of all sorts of infused olive oils. We’ve been loving this bad boy here.


Recently I made the acquaintance of Carol. Carol is a devoted student of transpersonal psychology and has a Master’s in the subject matter. In mid-August she’s planning on offering a 5 week course, with performance coach Michelle, called “Journey to Destiny”. Much of the work will be focused on the subject matter of Carolyn Myss’s book “Sacred Contracts”. It should be noted that Carol has studied with Myss. Carol outlines the 5 week program as thus, “Take a journey designed to move you to your highest possible potential in twelve areas of your life. In Journey to Destiny, discover the patterns in your past that brought you to your present circumstances. Reveal new ways of being that break you out of past patterns to come closer to your Destiny, using the tools of journaling, self-reflection, archetypal depth psychology, performance and creative self-expression.” It’s going to cost $295 for the 5 Saturdays. You can learn more by contacting Carol at 518-783-7317 or by email at

I won’t be participating in the workshop, but I was so impressed by the depth of Carol’s knowledge and her bubbly enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Last, in case you missed it on The Magical Buffet’s assorted social network pages (Facebook, Twitter, and My Space), I was recently interviewed for the website Jar O’ Marbles! It’s been a long time since anyone wanted to interview me, and this was my first print interview. It was a lot of fun, so if you haven’t checked it out, why not read it now.