2011 Lake George Paranormal Expo

This past July 2nd and 3rd was the first ever Lake George Paranormal Expo. The event was put together by the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society and Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center, which is where the event was held. The expo featured over 30 vendors and boasted a schedule of 10 presentations.

I need to preface my write up of the event with a little information. I had been feeling under the weather for the better part of June and had actually been home sick two days during the week leading up to this event, so I didn’t even come close to taking in all that the expo had to offer. With that out of the way, let’s talk about what I did get to do at this event!

The vendor room was full of all kinds of fun stuff. Multiple booths were selling gemstones and minerals, there were various psychics, aura photographers and a person doing aura drawings, assorted paranormal groups and more! I got to meet some of the folks in the North East Paranormal Society. It turns out they’re based right out of Albany, NY and do lectures and other events in the area. I also got to talk to Paranormal Security Department, whose Paranormal Science Director has a project going through a grant process. Buffet readers may be seeing some articles from these two groups here on the site in the future. And you know me, I can’t go to anything like this and not do a little shopping, so I visited Kelly at Country Wickhouse Candles. She sells all natural handmade soy candles, and she had some special ones for the expo! There was Ghost Hunter, Witch’s Brew, and more. I picked up Sleepy Hollows.

Kelly and her soy candles.

Now as I said, there were 10 presentations given during the two day expo, but I didn’t have the energy to be there for all of them. I’m particularly bummed that I missed Dan Lowenski’s presentation “UFOs, Humanoids and Related Apparitions” because I’ve seen Dan speak twice prior to this event, and both times he was excellent. I also missed James Annitto, a demonologist and paranormal researcher that the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society was very excited to have in attendance.

But let’s focus on who I got to see! First, I made sure to check out the NNYPRS Tech Team on Saturday. If you go to an event put on by the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society attending one of the talks from Brian Leighton and Carmon Rust of the Tech Council is a must. The work they do to create and test research equipment on the cheap would bring a tear to MacGyver’s eye.

Brian (left) and Carmon (right) of the NNYPRS Tech Council talk about equipment for paranormal investigations.
They passed around their equipment. This is me with TOD. It's a miracle I gave him back.

After them I stuck around to hear Gordie Little discuss “Paranormal Common Threads”. It’s no secret to readers that I just adore Mr. Little, and as per usual, he charmed his audience with the assorted tales of haunted occurrences that he’s heard over the years. If you haven’t picked up his book, “Ghosts of Clinton County“, do yourself a favor a get a copy now.

Gordie Little charming the crowd.

On Sunday I got to the expo early to get a seat for Paul Bartholomew’s presentation “Bigfoot Experiences in New York and New England”. I’m glad I claimed a seat early because his talk was packed to capacity. It’s not surprising, the man is a legend in the Bigfoot research community. In 2008 he and his brother had their book “Bigfoot Encounters in New York and New England” published. The book is 176 pages, but trust me, when listening to him discuss the subject matter it’s apparent he has a whole lot more than 176 pages worth of knowledge. Hopefully there are more talks and more books in Paul Bartholomew’s future.

Paul Bartholomew discussing Bigfoot.

Then guess what happened next? I gave my presentation “Protection from Evil: Religion, Folklore, and Myth”! Better still….there were people who came to hear it! I didn’t pack them in like Mr. Bartholomew, but around 15 people comprised an attentive audience who appeared to have a good time.

Me giving my presentation.

I wish I could have spent more time at the Lake George Paranormal Expo. Hopefully the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society will have another expo in the Lake George area next year. For those of you interested in attending a paranormal expo like this, the 3rd Annual Northern New York Paranormal Expo will be happening in Plattsburgh, NY in October! You can visit the NNYPRS website to get information and be kept up to date as the details solidify.

(There will be more photos from the event on The Magical Buffet’s Facebook page in the near future if you want to check them out too!)