Swann Galleries of New York is presenting a Fine Books auction on April 2, 2009 featuring Works on Cards & the Occult from the Collection of Stuart R. Kaplan (aka founder of U.S. Games Systems and all around bad ass). Kaplan references many of these works in his book “Encyclopedia of Tarot”. Collection highlights include rare manuscripts and first edition books relating to playing cards and tarot.

LOT 16: Les Cartes a Jouer du XIVe au XXe Siecle: A two-volume, first edition (1906) of an encyclopedic history of playing cards with lavish illustrations in full color.

LOT 17: First edition (1770) of Jean-Baptiste Alliette’s first book, a treatise on divination with regular playing cards.

LOT 18: Group of seven works by Alliette from the 1780s.

LOT 19: First edition of the final volume of Aretino’s dialogues concerning card games and tarot, 1589re.

LOT 20: First edition (1572) treatise on games with reference to tarocchi.

LOT 21: 1526 poem on Italian card game primiera, old vellum loose binding.

LOT 22: Forty-seven engraved plates and maps concerning mythology and esoteric language, and ancient origins of tarot (1787) Pages 365-410 in Volume 8 includes the famous “Du Jeudes Tarot” detailing the ancient Egyptian origins of tarot.

LOT 23: First edition of “Moonchild”, a 1929 novel by Aleister Crowley.

LOT 26: Handwritten notebook, containing over 180 leaves, with original transcribed text from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, circa 1890s.

LOT 29: Group of eight first-edition volumes signed by famous fortuneteller LeNormand (published 1814-1831).

LOT 32: 18th century handwritten manuscript “English Fortune Tellers”, with astrology diagrams.

LOT 33: Three 1782 volumes by Saint-Martin on the occult philosophy of the Major Arcana.

LOT 34: 19th century manuscript “The Art of Divination by Cards: A Complete Revelation of Destiny by Means of Cards & Tarot”.

You can learn more by going to the Swann Gallery website or by attending the public exhibition from March 28-April 1, 2009 at their physical location of 104 East 25th Street New York, NY.

If anyone were feeling generous, I would happily accept any of these items as tokens of affection and/or admiration from a Magical Buffet fan.

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