NNYPRS Tech Council: Being a Paranormal investigator

By Brian Leighton

I get asked by a lot people to join NNYPRS, they saw the shows and want to be a ghost hunter!!!! Now as soon as I hear the term ghost hunter, I usually cringe, then roll my eyes and politely respond with what is needed to join our team (sign up at our forum and start joining discussions) most people that contact me never follow through.

Now the TV shows out there are pretty entertaining but while they have done a lot to help bring the paranormal sciences into the main stream it also has not shown everything involved with a proper investigation. That’s not the TV shows fault, a lot of what is involved is REALLY boring…. For example, when you watch most shows they are reviewing data for about 3-5min. YA RIGHT!!!! Try 20+ hours for a 6-8 hour investigation. How is that possible?? Well when you have 4 cameras recording for 5 hours that is 20 hours of video that you have to review, plus EVP sessions, AND all the photos that are taken!!!! But wait there’s more…..That is just the investigation!

One thing that NNYPRS does is a historical research on the property. What this does is helps us separate fact from fiction. There are many times that we are told “I heard a guy hung himself in this room” or “there was a huge fire and someone died” The problem is without proof of the event it is simply just a story. We have a couple investigators that spend countless hours combing through newspapers, atlases and other resources. Now the internet has made this a little easier, it allows us to do this mainly from home as opposed to before when there were several trips made to local clerk’s offices to search deeds and land records. Sometimes this still has to be done. This allows us to give the clients a detailed history of when the property was settled, who lived there, possibly who died and if there were any traumatic events on the property. When we leave the client has a file about an inch thick about their property.

Now I don’t want you guys to think that I am bashing all the shows out there, some are kind of close to what we do, “Ghost Hunters” is one of them. Then you have a show like “Ghost Adventures”, also known as the “Jersey Shore” of the paranormal shows (not sure which one would be Snooki). Pretty much the farthest you can get from what an investigation should be, but it is entertaining…

The best part of this is that we do it for FREE!!! We NEVER charge for any investigation at all…NNYPRS is run with donations, member dues and fundraisers like the Expos we produce. Our next one is at Fort William Henry in Lake George, NY July 2nd and 3rd. We have a lot of awesome people that will be speaking at the event, demonologists, bigfoot hunters, yours truly as well as other members of our group. You can visit with the psychics or enjoy all the other vendors that will be there. So if you want to find out what it takes to be a paranormal investigator stop on by and we will be more than happy to show you all the equipment!!!!! See ya there….

About Brian Leighton:
Brian Is the NNYPRS Team Leader and head of the Tech Council. You can contact him at Brian@nnyprs.com with any question or comments.

Hey Folks,

It’s Rebecca and I thought I’d give you all some more details about the Lake George Paranormal Expo that’s being presented by the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society and the Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center.

It’s a two day event being held on Saturday July 2 and Sunday July 3, 2011. The hours are 10am – 8pm both days with speakers starting at 10:30am both days. Speakers you ask? They’ve got a great bunch of folks coming out for the event! Gordie Little, who you may remember from “Spicy Italian Ghosts”, NNYPRS Tech Council, who keep providing The Magical Buffet with paranormal related articles, James Annitto, demonologist and paranormal investigator, Bob Canino, author of “UFO’s in Upstate NY”, and more! Like me!

There are assorted vendors attending, ranging from psychic readings to aura photography to soy candles featuring scents being created specifically for the expo! There will also be activities for the kids!

Admission is $12 each day for adults but you can save $2 by bringing a non-perishable food item for donation!

To learn more visit: http://nnyprs.com/lake_george_expo.htm

Hope to see you there!