Oh, the posts I had lined up for this week, but the unthinkable happened. For the first time in, I swear this is true, 20 years I was laid up with the stomach flu. Not the oh my tummy is a little upset and I have a fever kind of flu, the one where I now know all the subtle nuances that my bathroom has to offer kind of stomach flu. When lying on your bathroom floor you discover odd things like, I should probably dust the ceiling vent and clean the overhang of my sink. Now that I’m up, and almost running, let me tell you about what could have, should have, would have been if not for this vile, evil flu.

First off, my awesome plans of seeing Watchmen at the IMAX on opening day fell apart. I wasn’t sure I was going to write about seeing it, but since I had recently shared with you my feelings about the comic it seemed like a possibility. As of right now I still haven’t seen it, sigh.

I also had planned to watch my review copy of “2012: Science or Superstition” that the cool folks at Disinfo.com sent me. This is the first time I have been given a DVD to review and was looking forward to writing something impressive about it in a timely fashion. Obviously, not going to happen while sick.

Lastly, I had meant to share this information sooner. My friend Deborah Collard of the North-Eastern Alabama Paranormal Society is in the running to be cast in a new Discovery Channel show called “The Gray Area”, which is about unexplained phenomena. Deborah and all the folks over at NAPS have been big supporters of The Magical Buffet and me and so I would like to encourage my readers to take a few minutes of time to log in and vote for her! Click here to vote!

As anyone who has been sick knows, it takes a while to crawl back up to normality. However I promise you, I’ll get there.

We have so much cool stuff coming up here at The Magical Buffet! Let’s see: I’ve got a few interviews I think you’re going to really love, The Creative Whack Company gave me a new fidget to try out, and more!

Also remember, if you have a My Space profile you can find us on My Space and be our friend! If you use Facebook you can search The Magical Buffet and become our fan! Show us some love!

Take care everyone! Stay healthy!

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