When It’s Just You and the Prince of Darkness, Only an Acme Will Do.

That’s the tagline for the company Acme Wand Supply, LTD. This is truly a website for the spellslinger. Any wand company that has a cowboy wielding a wand on its homepage is going to get me to take a peek.

(from their website)
We here at Acme have been fashioning magic wands, magicsticks, varitas magicas and sceptres since well into the last millennium. We have outfitted some of this world’s most powerful and prestigious wizards and sorcerers, passed and living. Sadly, we cannot reveal the identities of any of our customers, as confidentiality has been key to maintaining the sterling reputation that this establishment possesses in the thaumaturgical realm. Suffice it to say that you have observed the fruits of our labor time and again.

We employ or may contract with craft persons of a broad spectrum of wand-wielding disciplines. For practitioners of Wicca, we are more than happy to supply Wiccan ceremonial objects. If you fly the Faerie path we can outfit you as well.

Our state of the “dark” arts facility is and has been located outside of Lyons, Colorado since its genesis.

While market pressures have forced us to take the regrettable but inevitable step of “going online”, you may rest assured that we will steadfastly resist this insidious trend towards digital wandage. All of our products are and will always remain analog.

Every magic wand piece is built by hand by a single craftsman, and no two are ever alike. Our handcrafted wands are constructed of the finest exotic hardwoods and hardwood burls, sterling silver (with the occasional gold accent,) precious and semiprecious stones, expertly tuned crystals and any other material that the builder or the buyer might specify.

Not only do these guys have a wonderful way with words (“All of our products are and will always remain analog.” Ha!), but they have a way with the “wandage”!

Check this out!

Sorry, I need a moment to catch my breath after partaking in those totally bad ass images. I want one!