Look Ma’! No Instruments!

Nothing fantastically deep or insightful today folks, just a few videos that hopefully will dazzle you.

The human voice is truly fascinating. We were all reminded of this in the 1980s thanks to one hopelessly addictive song by Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and the performances of actor Michael Winslow in the “Police Academy” movies. And then life, and pop culture, moved on.

However, I’ve been reminded again at how imaginative people can be and how versatile the voice is. Not too long ago my husband bought the “Shadowrun” game for his PC. The intro to the game has this fantastic song “Baiana” by Barbatuques. I purchased it on iTunes and it found its way onto every mix CD my husband and I made for months! Imagine my surprise when I finally saw the song performed live….the song is entirely voice and rhythmic step. Check it out!

Then, my friend Jason sent me a video of two guys, Nathan “Flutebox” Lee and Beardyman, performing at the Google offices in London. Technically Lee uses an instrument, a flute, but come on; he’s doing percussion and flute…at the same time! At the 4 minute mark Beardyman comes on. It’s like a full on techno club coming from one tiny British man. It’s fantastic! Not only is it musically impressive, but they both have a real sense of humor and reverence for pop culture that comes through in their performances.

Like I said folks, no deep messages here, no real educational content, just a little reminder that people are capable of amazing things.