Abbey Ghost Hunters: Danby Castle Investigation

Danby Castle is believed to have been built in the 11th century on high ground at Castleton by the de Brus family who also built Skelton Castle. Stone from the first Danby Castle was used at the beginning of the 14th Century to construct the present palatial castle. It was unusual in having a projecting tower in each corner.

Present from AGH were, Mark, Angie, Tracey, Jazz and Dave

10:00pm We arrived at the Castle and made our way to one the of the two rooms that is still roofed and is known as the jury room, this is because the other room next to it, is a court room. Not their original use but today the two rooms are used by the Danby Court Leet. We unloaded our equipment into the room, and then went for a look around the impressive larger than expected castle. The Castle does not look that big from a distance or even close up, it is only until you the grounds itself that you see how big and most impressive it is.

10:30pm We went for a quick walk around to see if Angie could pick anything up straight away, near the car park on one side of the enclosed barn, she had sensed a lady called Mary who worked here as a maid, she feels she comes here a lot in visitation, as we entered into an open area the other side of the enclosed barn she sensed a little boy comes around here, he is not here yet but she can feel his energy, we went through a doorway into what appeared to be the Hall. Angie whispers to me ” there’s lots of people in here and they will watch us tonight”. We then went through another doorway which led into a small room and into the kitchen.

11:00pm Mark went for a walk around with Jazz and Dave to show them the Castle grounds and the different rooms there where, before we went for a drink.

00:00am (midnight) As we left the Court room to go down the stairs, Mark noticed on one of the walls in a window stood what looked like a figure, it then appeared to move away from the window and then return. After watching for a few minutes to see if something may have been casting what may have been some kind of reflection, the figure then moved to the other side of the window before returning. The others by now had seen Mark observing this and they too had started to watch it. We went over to where the window was to get a closer look and to see if there was anything that could have been causing this, it soon became clear that it could not have been anything else other than a figure. The window was in a room we believe may have been the Hall. We all agreed it only appeared to be the dark shape of a figure, and Mark believed the shape to be female, keeping this to himself to see if anyone else said the same, but no one did. Angie then as she still watched the window turned and said “she is residual, and is just walking back and forth as if pacing and waiting for someone”, this had Mark intrigued and said to Angie “who said it was a woman”, Angie turned and said she stands there a lot, a female is what I am sensing. Then Jazz and Tracey both turn and say they feel as if we are in a crowded room and it is like we are being watched by many. This is what Angie had said to me “there’s lots of people in here and they will watch us tonight”. We moved into the Kitchen to have a quick look around but Angie and Tracey wanted to be on the other side of the wall. We moved back through the hall and around to the outside of the kitchen. As we stood by the wall Everyone except Mark heard what they described as mans gruff, but no one was about. As we looked up to the top of the wall above the kitchen Mark and Tracey saw a small figure, Dave had seen something move but said it was too quick for him to make out what it was, Angie had already moved much closer to the wall and stared straight up at the same area, we then noticed she was stood at the base of some stairs that led to where we had seen the small figure. Then as she started onto the stairs both Angie and Tracey said “James” at the exact same time, they both then described a small boy Dressed in Blue, We stayed for a while but nothing else occurred.

00:30am We went into the Jury room and set up a camcorder, as Angie could sense someone has been in here whilst we were outside and that we would get someone in here again SOON. As we had pulled up earlier in the car park Angie had seen a small boy peering out of the window in this room, so we set up the camera in the far corner with a wide angled lens attached. In the room both Jazz and Angie heard what they sounded like someone dragging their nails across the big table. Then Angie and Tracey left the room, Mark turned to look in the corner just behind the camcorder and saw what he believed was a shadow, and took several photos in quick succession, Jazz turned to him and said I am drawn to that corner too, Mark asked him had he seen anything but he hadn’t, he was just drawn there as if someone would appear. Angie and Tracey re entered the room after going to check what they thought sounded like footsteps, Angie went straight to the corner and says “she feels like she is shaking, not in fear or through nerves, but as if in anger” Jazz starts to feel headachy! we took turns at standing in the corner and I (Mark) felt nothing but Jazz felt as if his chest was tight an jittery, Dave felt some palpitations and whilst he explained this he sounded very short of breathe. We decided to place a sensor light in the corner, facing into the corner itself, after it had been there for about five minutes and we had moved to the other end of the room, the light came on. Although none of us seen anything move passed it. We decided it may be worth trying some glass divination in this room.

01:15am Because of what we had been hearing and seeing, we had decided to try some glass divination, so we all sat at the table in the room. Angie felt there was now a couple of spirits in the room but felt we may not get much response as they appeared confused by our presence, we decided to try anyway to see if we could build some confidence with the spirits that were present. As we sat and placed our fingers on the glass, Angie says “In memory of Margaret” Mark turns to Angie and said he had the name Margaret in his mind at that time, we sat for a bit whilst Angie tried to make sense of the statement but she was unable to gain any information regarding it. Tracey and Mark who sat facing each other both suddenly felt an urge of emotional sadness and an intense pain in the left side, Angie says “No husband, Margaret had no Husband, (there is a pause, then) sorry Lady Margaret, she is stood near the fireplace dressed almost in Tudor Style clothing, she has some kind of veil over her face” Both Mark and Tracey are still getting the pain in the left side and it seems to intensify as Angie says Margaret, as if some kind of confirmation that the name means something. Angie then says “I feel this Lady walks the corridor as well as this room”. there is another short pause when Angie says “Robert” and looks behind Jazz who complains of sharp pains in his back at that time. Angie feels 18th Century character she asks him “would you like to join us Robert” everyone heard a gruff “Huh” sound, Angie feels a pain in the head with this man and this had something to do with his death, she feels he died outside on what is now the lane. She feels he may have been struck about the head, as she says he is walking around the table. Mark felt someone bang into his chair, and it moved. Tracey has an image of a man who has a moustache and is holding a pipe. Angie then senses a young girl Emma Jane she is one of two little girls who lived here. Things suddenly went very quiet and we ended the seance.

01:50am We went to the Barn to see if anything could be picked up in here, Angie had already sensed a woman passing through the room, and was intrigued as to who she was. We stood around for a short while to see if anyone got any unusual feelings of any kind. We decided to try some glass divination in this room, and as we checked the thermometer we could now see it had dropped to 0.1Âșc. We also decided to set up the sensor light in here and took E.M.F readings, to which we got none. Angie says she can sense someone in the room, and she feels a real calmness with this person, she felt she was observing us and found our attire unusual, we tried communicating with her, using the glass, but got no responses. Angie felt this woman was not ready to come forward at this time, as she was still trying to work out what our intentions where. We then stood in the room discussing how everyone felt, and all agreed there was a real calmness in here. Angie said she felt the spirit in here was and could be Tactile (able to touch us), Then as she talked some more and gave us the name Betty, she felt someone touch her back. Mark asks “Roger, are you here Roger” he asked this as Angie was standing next to him and Mark thought Angie had whispered Roger into his ear, but it was not Angie! Mark was adamant he heard a woman’s voice whisper the name into his ear. Nothing else happened after that, so we decided to move to another area.

02:25 We made our way to the Stables. Again Angie could sense a female presence, it was a different one to the others she had sensed in other parts. Angie says this woman was accused of being a witch, she described as being roughly just short of 4 foot, and she had a dirty complexion and had no footwear at all, her hair was very messy. She feels she was brought here and then taken into another room that was adjoined. There is only one door in and out of this room, but there are signs another door was once here. As we stood in this room Angie said she again felt as though she had been touched, she could feel her hood on her coat being tugged, she felt it was the little woman. Tracey and Jazz who had moved to another part of the room both felt in the same area, an overwhelming horrible feeling in their stomachs. They both complained they felt really sick and had to move away from that particular spot. Upon moving only 3 foot away they both said the feeling had gone, Jazz stepped back into the area and immediately felt it again. After a short period of not getting anything else, Angie said she felt a settlement once stood on this same ground, long before the Castle was built. And she felt we were stood on what was a burial ground.

03:00 We went for a break.

03:30 We went to the cellar, an area some people believe was once a dungeon. I asked each of the team members what they felt this area may have been, but no one mentioned Dungeon. In fact there was a sensing from each member of a wine cellar instead. It is believed that the room above, the Court room was originally sleeping quarters for the owners, and the room below (the room we were in) was in fact the wine cellar. No one sensed anything in this room and we left after 30 minutes.

04:00am We all agreed to end the night.

Final thought: For myself the Castle proved most interesting as I had seen more than most locations we have visited. The team felt overall it is an active place. And everyone wants to go back to see if we can unravel its secrets!! Also research is proving a little difficult for this Investigation regarding names.

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