Getting There First

I love it when I get clued into something cool before other people do. Who doesn’t? I’m just one person, stumbling around in the wilds of the world wide web, occasionally bumping into something cool, often times getting nudged into it by one of The Magical Buffet’s many friends.

Thanks to my friend Marissa at Llewellyn I was able to interview Raven Digitalis, who’s first book “Goth Craft” had just released. Five months later MTV featured him. Yep, beating MTV, that was pretty darn cool.

As many of you may recall I took great pride in having beat Perez Hilton on discussing Movember by almost a month! That’s thanks to our artist extraordinaire Will Hobbs. Small, meaningless “victory” but one I claimed nonetheless.

Which brings me to Thuri Calafia. Again, Marissa at Llewellyn tipped me off that I wanted to talk to this new author. She was right. Thuri, author of “Dedicant: A Witch’s Circle of Fire” was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and most importantly asked me an amusing question for our interview. This is why I was pleased as punch to stumble across this nice profile of her and Carmella Cook, owner of Essential Elements Apothecary, on Click here to read the nice write up. OregonLive is no Perez Hilton, but I’m still going to proudly proclaim that I went there first! Go me!

I’m also excited to tell you that both Raven Digitalis and Thuri Calafia have contributed to The Wiccan Rede Project. You can look forward to hearing their thoughts on the Rede in the months to come!

Who or what will I get to claim firsties on next? I can’t wait to find out.