10 Questions with a Mentalist

1. What is a mentalist?
Someone who can create the effect of using mindpower by reading minds, moving objects from a distance, predicting the future, and more.

2. You’re a woman of many talents. When practicing your mentalist arts do you associate it with your stage magic, your fortune telling skills, or your abilities as an empath?
I use all three skills in combination to give a more in depth show.

3. Is mentalism a practice that can be taught?
Anyone can do what I do if they spent the same amount of time studying and practicing that I have. Anyone can do simple mentalism if they have the resources to learn.

4. How could someone learn more about mentalism?
They would need a strong desire to buy a mentalism books and read them until they understand what they are reading, and then finally find an effect that they have the courage enough to do. It’s not easy performing for others. I remember I was completely nervous the first time I read someone’s tarot cards.

5. Who is your favorite mentalist and why?
I LOVE Banachek. He is a great mentalism thinker, performer, and he actually fooled the scientists at Universities into believing his psychic powers when he was only a teenager. Not many teens can perform mentalism. It can be a dry study, but somehow he did it.

6. Zatanna, Samantha Stephens, or Circe?
I guess right now I relate to Zatanna because I’m a young magician in New York City having fun. I think when I’m married I will look forward to the family life of Samantha Stevens and do quiet spells in the suburbs to keep up the household chores and familial responsibilities.

When I’m an old sorceress, I’ll probably move to some chic city or island somewhere in the world, and open up a Tarot reading parlour with a rear secret entrance to my magic den. When I’m not at my Tarot reading parlour, I look forward to enchanting young men to my yacht to swim and then having them for breakfast. But that’s just between you and me.

7. When I checked out Wikipedia to read about mentalism there were over 15 noteworthy mentalists listed, and they were all men! Where are all the female mentalists at?
Mentalism like magic is still a male dominated art and can be intimidating for many women. I’m a pretty brash, loud, strong, opinionated person who had to develop a high tolerance for locker room antics of my colleagues, just to be accepted in the fold. I think that is slowly changing, but that is my explanation for the lack of women in the field at the moment.

8. I’m thinking of a number, what is it?
Would you like fries with that? This is not McDonalds! Mentalists hate being ordered around.

9. Is there anything else about mentalism or being a mentalist that you would like to share with us?
It can be a lonely field with a lot of secrets. I find it’s best to have a close friendship with at least one mentalist who also understands the art of divination and the occult and who has a good sense of humor about it.

10. Parting shot! Ask us here at The Magical Buffet any one question!
What is the top branch of the occult that everyone practices on the Magical Buffet, aka, is it Wicca, nothing in particular, Satan, Misc Goth, fan of occult, Santaria, Voodoo, etc…

It’s an interesting question you pose. I would say that over half of our readers would identify themselves as some variety of Wiccan or Pagan. As for me, I’m a hopeless dabbler, cursed to wander the occult landscape. When it comes to personal practice, I probably fall into line most with the chaos magic movement that is out there, but I have huge amounts of respect for the ceremonial practioners. I wish I had their level of discipline. Of course, now that I said all of THAT, I have to say that the more I learn about witchcraft the more I like it. And Voodoo, I’ve been learning about Voodoo as of late and that kicks butt! I think we’re all figuring out Rebecca’s problem here.

Maritess Zurbano redefines the traditional rabbit-out-of-the-hat magic show with enthralling illusions and play-with-your-mind feats of mentalism. Forget balloon animals, vapid-minded female assistants, bad jokes and showy Vegas acts, The Amazing Maritess tackles the male-dominated world of magical feats and shows what a Filipina-American from the Chicago suburbs can accomplish.
As the only female Asian Mentalist in history, and one of the few professional female magicians in the world, Maritess combines dramatic monologue with internationally award-winning sleight-of-hand, mind reading and illusions.
Maritess Zurbano has performed at every major casino in Las Vegas, and toured with her illusion show throughout Asia and Europe. She was nominated for competition in the Federacion Internacionale Des Societe Magique 2000, considered the Olympics of magic. Jane magazine, NHK Japan, Lifetime Television, VH1, Yolk Magazine, The Philippine News, and NYC Newsday love her show.

"Maritess is urban sophistication with an edge"
…New York Newsday

"With her street-smart stage presence, dazzlingillusions, and great sense of humor, Maritessredefines magic for a hip new multicultural age."
…David Henry Hwang

Visit her Website at www.maritess.com