End of the Year Update

I thought with the end of 2008 rapidly approaching that it might be time to give you all a little update. Normally only The Magical Buffet’s My Space friends get these awkwardly written and poorly edited updates, but I thought it was time to give every Buffet reader a little info on what’s been happening over here. So for those who are curious, click on in.

As you all know, it’s been a crazy year. In July we essentially re-launched The Magical Buffet. Not only did we change from a monthly online emailed magazine to blog format, but we added in things that were originally only on the old website, such as my book reviews and opinion pieces, and subject matter that never would have been published in the old format, like music reviews, television talk, etc. As I said when we made the switch, I hate change and was nervous as to what these changes would mean for the future of The Magical Buffet. We were expecting a huge volume of people asking to be taken off our subscription list and having difficulty finding new readers. We were worried for no good reason. It’s true that we have had some people cancel their subscriptions, but those were replaced with new subscribers, and our website visits have been very slowly, but steadily, going up.

This brings us to our next bit of news. The Magical Buffet is still attempting global domination on a budget of zero dollars, so to give our readers another way to show us some love and help spread the word about us we started a Facebook fan page for The Magical Buffet. If you’re a member of the social networking website Facebook all you need to do is search The Magical Buffet on Facebook and we’ll be there! Be our fan…all the cool kids are.

That’s all old news, let me tell you a little bit about what to expect next year. I’m hard at work lining up some more stuff for the gaming Buffet readers out there. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I have a tentative interview set up with someone very cool, very feng shui, at the beginning of the year. I also plan on doing more letter-writing to politicians once the new administration comes into office here in the United States. I didn’t receive a single response to my first Zimbabwe letter, and since the political and economic situation that was already terrible has been made worse by a cholera, that’s right folks, cholera outbreak there will be more letters. And if by some chance I do get a response, I will share it with you. The last big thing I want to tempt you all with is a little ditty I’ve been calling the Wiccan Rede Project. There will be more info prior to its launch, but for the moment I’ll tell you it’s big, it’s cool, and it involves the likes of Raven Digitalis, Kerr Cuhulain, Thuri Calafai, and more!

To sum up, things are going pretty good here. Be our Facebook fan. And keep reading!