Freeze! It’s the Vice Squad! Part 4: The Hair Police Edition

Many Magical Buffet readers are aware that I’m a huge fan of the Iranian Vice Squad. I must be, I talk about them here and here and even touch on it here. I just thought I’d let you all know, those zany rascals are at it again.

The Daily Mail is reporting that at the beginning of this month Iranian police arrested 49 people for having “satanic Western style clothing and haircuts”. Additionally, they’re saying that five barber shops were shut down and 20 more warned for “promoting Western hairstyles”.

This is part of a campaign launched back in 2007 to help protect the moral values of Iranians. The Daily Mail’s article notes “Some analysts say the authorities fear such open acts of defiance against the Islamic Republic’s values could escalate if they go unchecked.” And they’re right. People want the freedom to express themselves whether it’s by strictly adhering to the laws regarding dress of their faith, or by getting one of those bizarre, vaguely androgynous, emo haircuts where your bangs cover one of your eyes that really shouldn’t be worn unless your name is John Connor and it’s the early 90s. Perhaps they’re onto something, you let some snot nose punk run around with that haircut and the next thing you know the earth is being destroyed by Skynet.

What’s next? No one knows for sure, but I for one truly think that rap music and a good pair of jeans can fuel a revolution.