The Big Bang Theory

As you can tell from my mention in a previous post, I’m a fan of the television show “The Big Bang Theory”. In my amateur opinion, the back to back airings of “The Big Bang Theory” followed by “How I Met Your Mother” is one of the finest hours of comedy television American audiences have had access to in a very long time. My husband, a fan of unique storytelling techniques favors “How I Met Your Mother” slightly more. On the other hand, being a fan of geeks, I like “The Big Bang Theory” a touch more than “How I Met Your Mother”. However, before I continue let me stress that you shouldn’t really watch one and not the other. As a package set, they cannot be beat. That said, allow me to indulge and share some fun stuff involving “The Big Bang Theory”, including some help with holiday shopping (hint, hint).

The show has a small ensemble of characters: Leonard Leakey Hofstadter, Ph.D., Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D., Howard Wolowitz, M.Eng., Rajesh Koothrappali, Ph.D., and Penny. The show focuses on Leonard and Sheldon, who are super intelligent and roommates, and Penny, the beautiful blond woman who lives across the hall. Penny is supposed to be the everyman, in other words, not a genius like the other characters, but possessing things like social skills and common sense. Of course, she has a halfway decent apartment in California on a waitress’s pay, so I think she’s way smarter than anyone on the show will give her credit for. Here’s a taste of what we’re talking about:

For some more clips you can check out “The Big Bang Theory” on the CBS website or their You Tube Channel. I guarantee, once you watch Sheldon explain the problem with teleportation, or the Superman issue, you’ll be hooked. It’s okay though, because Season One is already out on DVD, so you can enjoy catching up easily.

Now I promised you all some help with the holiday shopping. My friend Greg from the website What Greg Eats emailed me a link to the most clever fan site ever! It’s called Sheldon Shirts. Yes, some very focused fans of the show went through and collected links on where to buy any number of things featured in the show. Obviously, they worked hard to find you links to purchasing many of the amusing t-shirts that Sheldon and Leonard wear in the series, but they also have belt buckles that the playa Howard wears, where to find the Batman cookie jar from the episode “The Bat Jar Conjecture”, and more! Once you get hooked on this show, you will need the Sheldon Shirts website.