Beating Perez Hilton

Frequent readers of The Magical Buffet know that I LOVES me some Perez Hilton. I love that he’s a hard-working, self-promotion machine who happens to have a pretty good ear for music. I know, he’s easy to put down, but I will never do that. Perez Hilton’s success is the American dream in action. His website shows up on loads of top whatever lists of influential/powerful blogs. That’s why I am so pleased to tell you….

I beat him! I beat Perez Hilton! I haven’t felt this bad ass since I beat MTV to Raven Digitalis!

Today while catching up on my Perez I noticed that yesterday, November 13, 2008 he had this. Yep. Readers of The Magical Buffet already know about Movember because thanks to friend and art contributor Will Hobbs I posted about it on October 27, 2008.

I know it’s not that big of deal, and it’s not like I really “scooped” Perez on a story, but since Hilton gets the fame, money, and celebrity connections, I’m opting to claim Movember as a resounding victory for the Buffet. Go me!

By the way, there is still plenty of time left to celebrate Movember right by donating to the cause. You can definitely up your Magical Buffet street cred by donating to Will Hobbs’ Mo!