For More Money, Balance Your Give and Take: Part One

By Rose Rosetree

Would you like to earn an extra $10,000 this year, with more increases to follow? My latest book aims to help readers do just that.

“Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” uses the third millennium technology of researching auras all the way down to the level of chakra databanks – detailed information about different aspects of life. Reading auras doesn’t mean seeing colors, I have a trademarked system for reading auras through ALL your personal gifts.

Everyone can become literate in this way. And whether you consciously read auras or not, everyone does it subconsciously. My term for that is “auric modeling”. Another term might be “separating truth from hype.”

I saw one too many of my friends brought to the brink of bankruptcy because they were trying really, really hard to use Law of Attraction practices.

I wondered what was happening at the level of auras. Extensive research became the basis for a Magnetize Money Program. This how-to includes auric tell-all profiles of 20 top prosperity teachers, including Rhonda Byrne, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham, and Napoleon Hill. I researched hundreds of others also, to learn what auric modeling showed about who-you-be. Surprising findings also are reported from my “energy interviews” of Law of Attraction teachers, Born Again Christian teachers, and the 50 richest people in the world.

In “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy”, I go on to share ways to help readers improve their own auric modeling, positioning them to become more successful. In the following excerpt, I invite you to consider the financial implications of your balance of give and take.

Before you get rich, must your aura contain a perfect balance of give-and-take? If I said “Yes,” I’d be lying. (And horrors, lying is so bad for the aura!)

Most of us know how to divide human beings into two categories: Givers and Takers.

Actually, Resourceful Reader, to Magnetize Money we need three categories: Givers, Takers, and People who balance give-and-take.

Whichever type of person you want to be, you can give yourself that kind of life. Or take it for yourself. Or give-and-take it for yourself.

Before you choose – which I’m going to ask you to do before this chapter is done – let’s remember another interesting fact of life. If you wish to magnetize major amounts of money, your realistic options drop down to two: being a taker or being someone who balances give-and-take.

That’s right. To gain financial success in this world, you don’t have to be a taker but it sure helps. And you can’t be purely a giver. Sorry, but it’s true.

Financial Flow

You can’t be a softie in personal life (habitually giving without expecting a thing in return) yet somehow become a totally different person at work (e.g., strong and commanding, always preferring to take). Okay, maybe you can think of exceptions where a big giver made piles of money. Marilyn Monroe comes to mind. But she didn’t get to keep that money for long, did she?

With energetic literacy, there’s always more to learn about how people tick. Each individual is extraordinarily unique at the level of auras, so there can be exceptions to my rule that earning money requires strong auric modeling as a taker. Still, my conclusion about the importance of taking is based on a lot of research.

I had to research this particular topic. Meaning that, personally, I needed to. My natural inclination, and habits, and STUFF, used to make my motto “Give 95% of the time. Receive last, and even then, be sure to add generous quantities of guilt.”

For decades into my career, this pattern limited my success. As my work became better known, however, I got “lucky.” I began receiving emails galore requesting free help with aura readings, empath coaching, etc. My husband and I don’t live on air, nor do we own the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Therefore, I had to learn how to say “No.”

Eventually I sorted out basic concepts like “Professional services require payment.” This paired up with “Friendships require give-and-take in healthy balance.” Once I became clear about this, my business income doubled, then continued to grow.

Your income may grow, too, when you learn the lessons of my give-and-take “interviews” with the Forbes Magazine list of “The 50 Richest People in America.” When photos weren’t available, I went on to the next picture on the Forbes list. Strictly speaking, my scope of research became “The 50 richest people in America with photos available for the article in Forbes Magazine 2009.” Especially for this research, I developed the following prosperity protocol.

The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra: Emotional Giving
This chakra databank relates to qualities like openness to other people, caring, and emotional generosity.

2. Heart Chakra: Emotional Receiving
This chakra databank reveals a person’s patterns with receiving praise, interest, admiration, and other emotions from significant others. Both positive and negative emotions count here.

3. Throat Chakra: Intimacy in Close Relationships
How close is considered “too close”? Quality and quantity of social connection, both, can shape patterns of intimacy.

Before you read a summary of my findings with The Give-and-Take Snapshot, want to take any guesses about how well the super-rich do intimacy?

First, the Bad News

Altogether my research revealed much to admire… and even more to increase my compassion. What didn’t I find, alas? Nobody (and I mean nobody) in this group gave more than he or she took. Only two showed an equal balance. More on them soon.

That’s right. Nobody out of the whole crafty, cash-laden crew, came close to what you probably do, which is to give early and often. Sure, over the decades I have used energetic literacy to research plenty of humbler folk. Most people give more than they take. During these years, I have also researched plenty of the rich and/or famous. Many are lovely, some not. I have been hired to do face reading at parties with budgets of half a million dollars or more. Some of these partygoers show, through their auric modeling, great willingness to take emotionally but not such a great willingness to give. One incident in particular sticks in my memory.

Give-and-Take at the Party

Arnold was a trim 40-something attorney, impeccably dressed. His wife Angie was glamorous, gorgeous, and groomed, staring with fascination as I read her man’s face. He had to go first, of course.

As I summarized talents and potential challenges, Arnold listened intently. Okay, to be more accurate, he smirked and preened. His adoring Angie was so attentive, she reminded me of a cheerleader. I practically expected her to leap up and do cartwheels.

When Angie’s turn came, I really wanted to help her feel good. She didn’t appear valued much by her high-powered husband. To avoid boredom, he began walking around the den. This was, of course, no ordinary den but a mega mansion version, stocked with very expensive-looking toys. Arnold picked up one trinket at a time, as if shopping. Meanwhile, I was telling Angie things like, “That huge curve to your eyebrows suggests that you focus on emotions when dealing with people.” Angie would hold up her mirror as if seeing her surgically perfected face for the very first time. Angling and posing as if in wonderment, she would ask big, strong Arnold for advice. “Arnold, honeeeeey, am I like that? What do you think?” Arnold, clearly, couldn’t care less. He kept on oogling the nearby toys, ignoring his wife.

Warren Buffett sets a far better example of prosperous give-and-take. Emotional giving delights him; he finds it easy. Emotional receiving doesn’t overwhelm him, as he is used to being appreciated. This rich man balances both sides of life. And when it comes to intimacy, the man has finesse. Very loving to his significant others, Buffet knows how to manage his less important emotional investments, scaling down closeness to the appropriate level for each relationship.

Who was the other big winner with my give-and-take profiles? Meet “Aden.” (I’m keeping him anonymous because this relatively favorable research is still not entirely flattering, as you’ll soon see.)

Aden: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving 90 feet. Huge presence to this man! Aden’s kindness is powerful, mostly, because he lives so passionately. This uncommonly zesty guy hugely enjoys giving to his favorite people.

2. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Receiving 90 miles. Not just an altruist, Aden expects to receive abundantly. Emotionally, that means being shown both obedience and loyalty. This mega-billionaire demands the highest standards of behavior. “Anyone can be replaced.” (Yes, you read that right.)

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships19 feet. Intense, very human. Big moods, living large.

Don’t be discouraged by Aden’s “Anyone can be replaced.” Beliefs like this aren’t required to Magnetize Money. But do consider Aden’s insistence on receiving. That’s not so optional.

Emotional Perils of Wealth

Let’s get real. To judge from their auras, most of the mega-rich are emotionally impoverished. Starting these profiles, I expected nothing of the kind. Net worth numbers like $40 billion (for Gates) or $37 billion (for Buffet) sound great. But what are the social consequences of having so much wealth? The resulting attention can be crazy making. Think how your entire family might suck up to wealthy old Auntie Annette. Then multiply that suck up factor by what, a zillion?

Every one of America’s top 50 wealthiest must deal with that unpleasant kind of interest. It’s compounded daily, through flattery, groveling, and otherwise fake behavior. Besides the family members, the friends, the gold-diggers, how about all the rage from underpaid employees worldwide? Professional jealousy and competitiveness can also be directed at these highly visible targets. Ouch!

One of my most touching research subjects was a top billionaire whose financial standing had dropped significantly in recent years. Sure, he still made the top 50 wealthiest people in the U.S., but how much happiness did that buy him?

Antonio: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving 6 inches. Disillusioned, bitter.

2. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Receiving 90 miles. “Other people never give enough for it to feel real. Certainly they don’t give enough to make me feel better about my bad luck.”

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships 9 inches. “Nobody really understands me.”

Antonio has hit bottom emotionally, with a ratio of give : take of 6 inches: 90 miles. But what about other mega-billionaires?

The findings below are typical for America’s wealthiest. First names throughout are fictitious, of course, allowing these folks to cling to whatever privacy remains in their lives.

Alex: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving 3 feet. Believes himself to be very generous. Has a completely different standard for giving than for receiving.

2. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Receiving 100 miles. Enjoys every bit of status, money, etc. as a form of emotional feeding. It strokes his personal ego.

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships 3 inches. Tells his closest people what he thinks they want to hear.

Adolfo: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving18 inches. “Everybody has a price, and I hate to overpay.”

2. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Receiving 50 miles. “Gaining people’s respect and adulation is standard operating procedure for me. I require it, really.”

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships 19 feet. “I really prize those close relationships. With all my responsibilities, it’s so helpful to babble to get the attention I need.” Of course, the quality of this chakra databank suggests that Adolfo does way more than his share of the talking in these so called “close relationships.”

Ahmed: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving 8 inches. “I have such contempt for ordinary people. Unfortunately, so few extraordinary people are available to take the time for relationships, even with me.”

2. Heart Chakra: Emotional Receiving 90 miles. “You get used to it after a while. What a bore, how people think they can flatter you in order to get your money.”

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships 4 inches. “There will always be some people kept around to help me let off steam, but they’re disposable. They know it and I know it.”

Cuddling up to a Solid Gold Coin

Intimacy does appear to be a common trade off for high financial status. When the mega-rich make their bargains with reality, financial stability can be trusted somewhat, but people?

Andy: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving 14 feet. Everything and everyone has a price. “I give only as a shrewd investment.”

2. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Receiving 40 miles. He feels he deserves people’s adulation. In an odd way, he doesn’t even take the star treatment personally: “Life has been good to me. I expect life to continue to be good to me.”

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships 6 inches. Intimacy? Now that’s a tough prospect. Andy believes that “Expressing what I want” means exactly the same thing as “Getting close to a friend.”

Arthur: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving 9 inches. “I don’t trust people much. Mostly they’re takers.”

2. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Receiving 100 feet. “People come at me constantly, so noisy, heckling me. It’s only so much sentimentality. As if I would fall for that!”

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships 3 inches. “If I haven’t known you for 30 years, or you aren’t a blood relative, forget it. Even then, I have my suspicions. What do you really want from me?”

Andrea: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving 8 inches. Trusting people is hard, to put it mildly. “So many people try to get into my life just because they want my money.”

2. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Receiving 40 miles. “Sometimes it’s overwhelming, all the admiration and adulation. I can’t tell if it’s real or false. I do my best to survive.”

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships 4 inches. “It’s hard for me to let down my guard. So many people are takers.”

Anabella: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving 12 inches. “I don’t have to be so generous to others, except I’m a nice person. Others in my position wouldn’t be so kind.”

2. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Receiving 1,000 feet. “I feel the pull on me of so many people, flattering and asking and demanding and whispering. It’s overwhelming, how much I have to take in.”

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships 10 inches. “There are so few I can trust. Most people only pretend to be interested in me. They always want something.”

Inspiration from Enlightened Millionaires

Lovely and evolved people do sometimes make the mega-rich list. Most of them just aren’t lovely or evolved emotionally, not compared to the rest of their talents. The billionaire’s major life skills lie elsewhere.

As I researched away on these Give-and-Take Snapshots, I did encounter some lovely surprises. Magnificent qualities kept me going. I even found a few mega successful people whom I would consider spiritually Enlightened. For them, every chakra databank I read was strong, STUFF free, and joyful. Enthusiastically, I went on to survey additional databanks too, and every single one contained that celestial razzle-dazzle I adore – the blissful, balanced quality that is humanity’s destiny. Enlightened rich people are surely the real winners in life’s give-and-take sweepstakes. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have already been read in detail. Now meet Sergey Brin, among the spiritually wealthiest on earth.

Sergey Brin: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving 90 miles. Emotionally very generous, based on inner happiness.

2. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Receiving 100 miles. “I live in a generous world where I am always rewarded beyond what I give. I am so grateful for this.”

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships 14 feet. Authentically friendly, interested in people. Enjoys getting close to others.

Talk about enjoyable! Let’s continue with Donald Bren, the real estate tycoon.

Donald Bren: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving 50 miles. Huge networker. Enthusiastic. Really loves people, especially socially important, influential people.

2. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Receiving 95 miles. “Life is absolutely thrilling for me. It’s one big flow of energy.”

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships 80 miles. Identifying with the joy and energy in the lives of others, as well as his own life. “I feel huge joy everywhere.”

Finally, I was touched and inspired by profiling Steve Jobs. It’s well known that the founder of Apple computers has brought the world iTunes, iPod, and iPad. But did you also know that Jobs bought Pixar from George Lucas? So Jobs is partly responsible for “Finding Nemo” and “Toy Story.” No wonder this man is one of America’s most beloved business successes. Yet another reason could be his auric modeling. True, Jobs suffers far too much to be considered Enlightened quite yet. Even before all the STUFF is cleared out of his aura, Steve Jobs is impressive, exceptionally thoughtful for someone who has earned so much cash.

Steve Jobs: The Give-and-Take Snapshot
1. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Giving 5 miles. “I feel very lucky to have the people in my life who are close to me.”

2. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional Receiving 100 miles. “I’m an acquired taste. It’s an honor that so many people have acquired it, but I would be a fool to depend on anyone’s admiration, except for genuine liking that comes from the people I know well.”

3. Throat Chakra Databank: Intimacy in Close Relationships 5 miles. Having these special people in my life keeps me sane, or what passes for sane. (A sense of humor is evident in this chakra databank, as well as others.)

Wow, a lively sense of humor – imagine finding that in someone so rich!

How will you choose to balance give and take? Only you can decide what would be a healthy balance. By living that, day by day, your accumulated choices will show up in your auric modeling. Financial consequences will flow accordingly.

Despite balancing your give -and-take, wealth can bring challenges to close relationships. One of my “interviewees” put it eloquently. Reading his chakra = databank about Intimacy in Personal Relationships, here is what I found in Albert’s Throat Chakra:

“Of course, I take all that big closeness with a grain of salt. I have seen too many careers end. Suddenly all the alleged friends evaporate. Although I enjoy what I have now, I no longer expect it to last.”

No, we can’t take it with us – neither the mansions like castles nor the “friends” who come along so eagerly to be bought or rented. What can we take along? Soul growth is cumulative. (Energetic literacy even allows us to peek at the luscious details.)

Beyond this, consider carefully as you design your own balance sheet in life. To Magnetize Money, it is required that you feel totally comfortable with receiving from others. Beyond that, if you have learned to balance give-and-take; if you insist on striving for true intimacy; if you manage to keep a sense of humor through it all – which may not seem like asking for majority shareholdings in the moon – wow, nonetheless! You will have accomplished something extraordinary for spiritual evolution. Clearly, that’s something most of America’s Richest haven’t yet been able to buy.

About Rose Rosetree:
Rose Rosetree first wrote about chakra databanks in “Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality”. Since that was published, in 2007, acceptance of this term has grown. Googling “chakra databanks” three years later, Rosetree was a bit surprised to find nearly 72,000 hits. Rose’s new how-to, published in the fall of 2010, directs the deeper perception skills toward success and prosperity. “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy: 10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium” is available through her publishing company, Women’s Intuition Worldwide (Secure online ordering is at, or call toll-free 24/7 at 800-345-6665.)

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