Shepherd’s Pie with The Magical Buffet

I rarely do follow ups on stories we publish. I’m not certain why, but I suspect it has something to do with me being equal parts absentminded and lazy bastard. However, an invitation to my parents for dinner at our apartment presented me with a chance to follow up on an article written for The Magical Buffet by Dawn Hunt.

On December 19, 2010 Dawn Hunt, the fantastic lady behind Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery, offered up some thoughts on magical cooking and shared with us a recipe for Shepherd’s Pie. I decided that dinner with my parents would be a perfect occasion to try out her recipe.

When I woke up that morning our apartment smelled delicious. Wonderful meaty, rosemary aromas were wafting into every nook. Confused I wandered out to the kitchen to find that my husband was already cooking up the meat mix and making the mashed potatoes! He figured we’d make the two parts up in the morning, and then just put it together and throw it in the oven when it was close to dinner time. That worked out great, and even better for me because I ended up doing next to nothing for dinner aside from eating it!

Behold! There be Shepherd's Pie!

We all declared the Shepherd’s Pie a success, however everyone but myself found it to be a touch bland. Here’s the thing about that, I’ve been suffering from some extreme indigestion and heartburn lately so Jim cut back on the amount of onion and garlic that went into the dish. Given my body’s condition, the meal was great, but I suspect if he had used the full amounts of onion and garlic everyone else would have found it to be more flavorful. Sorry folks! My bad!

Anyway, I thought I’d let you know that Hunt’s recipe has now been taste tested and approved by The Magical Buffet! I’m hoping to have Dawn back again to share more kitchen witchery and recipes with us, until then, I really need to get around to trying Deborah Blake’s rum cake recipe…..