Sketch Please!

Under the category of just delightfully clever, I want to just tell all you guys about this awesome website called Sketch Please.

Just what is Sketch Please? Take two artists (John Conger and Jason Adam) looking for a way to motivate and challenge each other, then add in allowing everyone in cyberspace to look in on the experiment and you have the origins of Sketch Please. From their site, “Sketch Please started in 2005 as a bet between two artists and friends as a way to help motivate each other to continue drawing — no matter what. Do one drawing per week on a specific theme, or forfeit one of your comics. You have until Sunday at midnight to email out your sketch or else you fail.”

Their rooster has now grown to a core group of four: John Conger, Jason Adam, Lizzy Lane, and Will Hobbs (you know, the guy who creates almost every lick of art for The Magical Buffet, including the awesome banner). Things may be getting more crowded as the site looks towards making it open to the public.

I love the creativity and challenge of the site. Every week a new topic, every week new art. And it’s out there, on the internet, to be viewed and commented on. I would not have the guts to do that!

I think it’s an intriguing format. I’m trying to convince my husband to start a site called “Campaign Please” with a similar concept except replace original art with original seed stories for roleplaying campaigns (although I refuse to have anyone lose comic books…those are marital property now!). Maybe with a theme each week, maybe not. You heard about it here first! As did my husband.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a website like nothing else you’ve seen before, head on over to Sketch Please.