Meet John Brain

I thought this little treat would be appropriate given the rapidly approaching Presidential elections here in the United States.

What I’m talking about starts at 1:34, “Meet John Brain”. The whole thing is just over 9 minutes.

It takes time and consideration to burrow through the nightly news broadcasts, the internet blogger sound bites, and the campaign’s own spin. Remember that ultimately it’s you, alone in that voting booth, casting your vote. Try to vote based on the issues you care about, and not by what has been on the cover of national magazines. I know, it’s hard!

The big two are Barack Obama for the Democratic Party and John McCain for the Republican Party.

But, don’t forget, although we make it harder than heck to get on the ballot if you’re not from one of those parties, there are in fact other parties who generally have someone up for President as well. The Libertarians are running Bob Barr, the Constitutional Party has Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney is representing the Green Party, and of course, you can’t forget Ralph Nader.

Don’t vote for the lab rat! Or maybe do, the Brain might be your kind of leader. Take a little time to learn about who wants to become our President!

By the way, the Animaniacs are out in DVD box sets. They’re totally worth the investment!