I’ve always had a good relationship with U.S. Games, one of the go to places for tarot decks, but I just got a new contact there and she sent me a box of goodies to go through and I plan to steadily share it all with The Magical Buffet’s readers!

First up, Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines Divination Deck by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark. This isn’t a traditional tarot deck, hence it being called divination deck.

This is a 78-card deck that’s a veritable who’s who of Greek mythology. I’m not going to lie, I had to bust out my “Bullfinch’s Mythology” for some of the ladies depicted. The deck also comes with an instruction booklet and a spread sheet to help you use the deck for divinatory readings. I could imagine someone using it as a daily quickie reading, much the way you’re encouraged to use the I Ching. Every morning wake up, shuffle, and draw a card to see some portents of what’s to come in your day. Thanks to the attractive art, I also could easily see a Game Master using this deck as a prop for any role-playing games that deals with ancient Greek mythology.

All you Goddess worshippers, yeah, I’m talking to you! This is the deck for you!

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