How I Spent My Summer

Buying lots and lots of music! For those of you who haven’t been following along, this summer has been music buying chaos for me. Now that the summer is winding down, and the leaves here in New York are starting to change colors, let’s try to make some sense out of all that I’ve listened to.

It all started back at the very end of April, when both the latest Madonna and Robyn CDs released, and it ends with the new Glen Campbell album I just reviewed. Let’s go to the list, shall we?

April: Madonna “Hard Candy”, Robyn “Robyn”
May: Cyndi Lauper “Bring Ya to the Brink”, Duffy “Rockferry”
June: NERD “Seeing Sounds”
July: Nas “Untitled”, The Ting Tings “We Started Nothing”
August: Sa Dingding “Alive”, Glen Campbell “Meet Glen Campbell”

Obviously I liked all these albums. I only write about stuff I like when it comes to music. Also, I wrote reviews for all of these, so there is no need to rehash those opinions here. Let’s kick a little compare and contrast though, shall we?

Battle of 80s divas, Madonna verses Cyndi Lauper. Cyndi Lauper wins hands down. Both albums are designed to make you dance, but Madonna stuck to safer grounds with top hip hop and R&B producers, where as Lauper’s album makes you wanted to move just as much, but it took risks, such as dipping into Swedish pop and utilizing interesting and unusual sounds.

Want to unwind? Duffy verses Sa Dingding. It may seem odd to compare the two, but both albums are rich and atmospheric. Ladies, go with Duffy for introspection, listen to Sa Dingding to provide a soothing soundtrack for yoga or picturesque drives.

Waving your hands in the air, Nas verses NERD. Sonically NERD’s album is impressive. It’s a mix and match of sounds that ultimately come together with foot tapping, booty shaking, fist pumping results. Unfortunately for NERD, Nas has them beat lyrically, and the album boasts its own fantastic music. The Nas CD reigns supreme for me…I suspect it will be a long time before another hip hop album will impress me as much as this one did.

Did you just buy that? The Tings Tings verses Glen Campbell. Both albums were unknown quantities when purchased, both were entertaining. Obviously it’s hard to compare the chick 80s sound of The Ting Tings with the country reinterpretations of Glen Campbell. What they have in common…they were both inexpensive to purchase….and that’s it.

The album I’m still listening to…Robyn. That Robyn CD is the winner of the summer. I bought it at the end of April and it is still in my car for regular listens. Stuck in traffic? Listen to Robyn. Speeding down the highway? Listen to Robyn. Getting pumped up to go to a party? Listen to Robyn. Cleaning the apartment? Listen to Robyn because I loaded it onto my computer. There is no occasion when listening to the Robyn CD is a bad idea, except maybe when trying to get some sleep!

This has been a great summer for music and I’m sad to see it go. For once I don’t have a music review just sitting in my computer waiting to share with you guys. Hopefully with the upcoming holiday season there will be some new, exciting music releases for us to talk about. Until then, keep your ears open!