You may recall that last month I started “The Living Magick Tarot Challenge”, where I use Living Magick’s awesome “Tarot Learning Cards” to finally learn the tarot and chronicle my progress monthly. November had a very strong start and I felt confident that by the end of December I would have the Major Arcana down cold, and would be well on my way to knowing the entire suit of Cups from the Minor Arcana. Yep, that was the plan.

Well, we might as well call this update what it is, bull crap. I have loads of excuses and no results. My illness from November is still a problem in December. My husband has spent the better part of December sick on our sofa. My work situation got pretty crazy in December. And of course, there were the holidays. Not only did I fail to maintain even the slightest bit of discipline with using Living Magick’s “Tarot Learning Cards”, I just fell off the wagon entirely and didn’t even touch the cards the entire month of December.

So why on Earth am I writing this update when I have nothing to share? Essentially to keep me honest. I could sit here and lie and odds are good no one would ever realize I hadn’t learned anything, but what’s the point in that? I dropped the ball. I suck. And now I’m moving on.

The holidays are over. My health, although still shaky, is certainly manageable for the moment. The husband is out of sick days to use for work. And my overall work load has become something I have much greater control over. Enough about December and all its failings, and on to January! We’ll talk about this again soon, I promise.

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