Apologies to Jim Norris

A while back, and by a while I mean all the way back in January of this year, a very nice man by the name of Jim Norris contacted me. Do I ever feature poetry? This was a new question for me and I responded that I would gladly feature the poem he sent me, but to bear with me while I found a home for it on our website. Push forward to September 2008. Um, yeah, well, to sum up, I suck. This poor man by now must have assumed our readers would never see his lovely poem. Surprise! It has made it! Finally. My sincerest apologies to Jim.

Travel the Darkness

Can you journey into the night with me
Can you stand strong when beholding the darkness within
Once the eye of your soul has become accustomed to the dimness of my soul
Can you live with what has been revealed
Let us soar into the inky blackness of a New Moon sky
Let us have faith in instincts passed on to us from the ancients that lived before
Once you trust and the skin of your soul has become accustomed to the coolness of a midnight caress
Can you live again without that sensation
We must make the pilgrimage into that which cannot be foreseen
We must shatter the preconceived notions born out of our experiences
Once your bones have felt the chill of my history
Can you live with what has been exposed
It begins in this moment

Jim Norris has been a practicing solitary since 2001 in the Kansas City area. He has worked for and/or on behalf of several corporate entities including Hallmark Cards and the Walt Disney Corporation.

Feel free to leave him a message at www.myspace.com/kansastwisterjn