Dunn Answers My Geeky Prayers

Anyone who spends anytime at all reading about or discussing magic with those who actually work magic will hear that magic is meant to be practiced. That study and theories mean nothing without practice. This is generally why books about magic read more like how-to guides than scholarly essays. Obviously I’m not saying that those how-to guides aren’t carefully researched and developed after years of experience, what I am saying is that I want scholarly essays! And like an answer to my geeky prayers, Patrick Dunn wrote the book “Magic Power Language Symbol”.

This book is dense and rich like some sort of triple dark fudge cake. Not a single word is wasted. I made my way carefully and deliberately through the text and can honestly say that I will benefit greatly from reading it again, and probably again. Dunn packs in so many interesting thoughts and theories, along with copious research, that I challenge you to feel like you absorbed all the information in one reading! That said, the book is not a dry read. Dunn, in my opinion, is a gifted writer. He presents complex ideas in a conversational and easy to understand manner. The book is littered with amusing examples and footnotes.

What does the book cover? Just about anything you can think of that falls under the headings of magic, power, language, or symbol! Speaking in tongues, magical alphabets, mantras, the Qabalah, Enochian, glyphs and sigils, incantations, and more!

As far as I’m concerned, just about anyone would find this book a fascinating read. Regardless of what kind of magic you practice, this book is an essential.