Are You Reading This?

Seriously, does anybody read The Magical Buffet? I mean besides you. Again, another organization could have been spared my wrath if they had just taken two minutes to read my article about the swastika.

On August 11, 2008 TMZ ran a photo of Jamie Foxx holding a surf board with the title of “Did Jamie Foxx “Not See” the Swastika?” The surf board in question is covered with hearts, peace signs, a hexagram (Star of David, perhaps?), and yes, a swastika. They say, “It’s (the surf board) almost as offensive as his swim cap.” Guess what? The board is not offensive, the swim cap, maybe.

So, just like I did with Zara, I’d like to direct TMZ’s attention to my article “It’s OK we’re taking it back: The Swastika”. I was happy to see that some people who commented on the TMZ post knew that Foxx wasn’t a secret Nazi.

When a swastika is surrounded by hippy scribbles, it’s doubtful it’s being used as a Nazi symbol. I’m just sayin’…..