How I Spent My Weekend…

I approached this past weekend with the best of intentions. My husband and I were going to get up on Saturday, go out for some breakfast, hit Target to pick up a copy of Freakazoid Season One, do some grocery shopping, come home, clean, post Kip Givens’ awesome article to the website and then, only after all that was complete would we crack the shrink wrap on Freakazoid.

However, as the weekend drew nearer our excitement over Freakazoid kept building. Let’s put it this way, our apartment is still waiting to be cleaned. Once we got home from breakfast and running errands, we collapsed into balls on our sofas and started watching Freakazoid…and didn’t stop until we’d watched all of season one!

Freakazoid is a cartoon that aired in the mid-nineties. It was done by the same folks who did Animaniacs…another great weekend waster in our household. It follows the adventures of Dexter Douglas who due to a computer bug was sucked into the internet and was spit back out with the ability to “Freak Out!” and become the teenage superhero Freakazoid. The show is a haven of geek pop culture references, and hilarious cameos. I encourage all of you who love cartoons loaded with geeky insanity to go and pick up a copy of season one, or at least rent it, but once you rent, you will want to buy!

And for those of you clever readers who are asking, why didn’t you just clean the apartment on Sunday? Here’s why….

Jet Li verses Michelle Yeoh swordfight. ‘Nuff said.