Well, it’s time to get back on track with keeping you up to date on my summer music buying frenzy. This review is for an album that came out in June. I know, I know…but there has been a lot going on. Don’t worry though, things are getting back on track and soon you’ll be all caught up. So enjoy.

Trying to describe N.E.R.D. is essentially impossible. I know plenty of people do describe and define them. For instance the Wikipedia entry for them starts with, “N*E*R*D is an alternative rock band formed in 2001. Their music is best described as funk rock, with various other influences, including hip-hop, soul music, alternative rock, and blues rock.” It’s as good of an attempt as any.

N.E.R.D. are hip-hop with live bands. Rappers influenced by rock music. The best way I can describe it is that N.E.R.D. are in a bubble of hip hop. They push against it, stretching the bubble, but are careful not to burst it. They’re all over the map and I love them for it.

Their latest album is “Seeing Sounds”, which is a theme that plays as an undercurrent for the album. How do you see sounds? Try listening to this CD. It’s a glorious cacophony. A masterful collage. A Jackson Pollack painting pressed onto a disc. At some points it’s rap, like the tracks “Anti Matter” and “Spaz” (two of my favorites), other times it’s rock, bordering on pop, like the song “Happy”, and occasionally they meet up and mingle like on the first single “Everyone Nose”, which is rap running through a funky jazz jam.

Here’s the first video/single from the album “Everyone Nose”. Enjoy! (And yes, if you watch carefully you will see Lindsay Lohan. Lohan, in a music video, about girls using cocaine. Insert your own mean spirited joke here.)

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