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Listen to the sound of my voice. Or, um, read the words on your screen. You’re getting sleepy. Sleepier. What does hypnosis have to do with Magical Buffet Mythology? Well, not to sound like the father from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” but hypnosis comes from the Greek word hypnos, and Hypnos is actually the Greek god of sleep…so there you go.

Hypnos’s mother is the goddess of night, Nyx, and his twin brother is Thanatos, a god of death. His three sons, or brothers depending on perspective, are Morpheus, Phobetor and Phantaso, and represent things that occur in dreams. According to some stories he lives in the Underworld along with Hades and his crew, but other stories say he lives in a cave underneath a Greek island and that through that cave flows the river of forgetfulness. Um, don’t plan on me coming to the family reunion, okay?

Hypnos is always depicted as a handsome young man. Sometimes he is naked, sometimes he has a beard and wings at the temples of his head, other times he is clean shaven with wings on his back.

Hypnos biggest claim to fame, aside from getting $.02 every time we say the word hypnosis, is granting Endymion the power to sleep with his eyes open.

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