The name Rose Rosetree should be familiar to long time Magical Buffet readers. Why? Well, there was this and this. It’s safe to call Rose a friend of the Buffet. I was dumbfounded and flattered when she invited me to write a guest post for her blog about enlightenment. What follows is that piece.

I have to admit, I was surprised when Rose asked if I would like to write a blog about enlightenment for her website. For those of you that are not familiar with myself, or my website The Magical Buffet, asking me about enlightenment is comparable to asking your family doctor to perform neurosurgery. They know the basics, but you may not want them putting them into action.

Enlightenment implies a level of spiritual or intellectual insight has been achieved, and perhaps you may even be able to share it with others. It is hard to achieve, and harder to prove that it has been achieved. If that is the case, one starts to wonder, what is the deal with enlightenment? Why does the concept even exist in these modern, fast paced times? Does one really need to worry about enlightenment when you can find out everything that’s going on in the world in under one minute and every day more and more people seem to seek the spiritual through quality one on one time with Oprah? Can spiritual enlightenment ever be achieved in this environment?

Perhaps, but I’m here to suggest that obtaining spiritual enlightenment is not half as important as the idea of enlightenment. Let me be first to state flat out, for the record, I have not even nudged towards enlightenment, and that I am 100% positive that even upon my death bed the only real insight I will have is that it’s really easy to make an ass out of yourself on the internet. Yet I stagger down a path that perhaps, despite my rum soaked brain, will lead me to some greater understanding of that which makes up the spiritual. Frequently I ask myself what is it I’m doing. What on Earth, do I hope to achieve? I have cluttered dusty book cases filled with books on mysticism, holy texts, and Idiot’s Guides. Why do I keep investing time and money on them? As cynical and snarky as I may be, I cannot deny that the answer is enlightenment.

I am not enlightened. But, the quest for enlightenment has helped me start a website/online magazine, allowed me to attend religious observances of multiple faiths, and become friends with a vibrant, diverse group of people. It has also caused me to become more attentive to global affairs and national politics. None of this would have been possible if not for the concept of enlightenment dangling in front of me like some deep-fried dessert of my dreams. My goal of enlightenment has definitely not been achieved, but it has certainly made me better person. And in my humble, unenlightened opinion, that may be more important.

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