Two Sonnets Enter, One Sonnet Leaves

In case you missed it, on August 4, 2010 I announced “A Contest of Shakespearean Proportions”. Well, the time has come to present to you two sonnets, both worthy of a free copy of “To Be and How to Be” by Peggy Rubin, compliments of Quest Books. Both sonnets are excellent, yet to compare them to each other is apples and oranges. This is why I’m turning it over to you; the readers of The Magical Buffet to decide which sonnet will exit Thunderdome with a copy of “To Be and How to Be”. Enough talk! Let’s get ready to rumble!

Sonnet number one comes from Buffet reader Erica R. Erica’s approach to the sonnet is, let’s say, unconventional. Any sonnet that riffs on limericks and drops an f bomb is A OK in my book! Take a look:

There once was a man from Nantucket
Dear, this is a sonnet, not a limerick!
But I really wished to utilize “suck it”…
Inappropriate, darling, don’t be a dick.

A dick? A dick?? A dick, you say?
Quiet now, Grandma is resting her eyes
I can’t believe my Gram would ever speak this way!
Well, dear, grannies can be vulgar too–surprise!

Alas, my heart has been torn asunder
My grandma, pure of thought, is no more
Her shining image of moral wonder
Hath been trampled, by reality, to the floor

Hush now, youngling, ‘tis all a part of growing up
Things are still as they seem, just a bit more f*cked up!

Good times, good times. However, let’s turn our attention to sonnet number two. Greg B. presents a wonderful acrostic sonnet written for his wife while they were living apart. Grab yourself a facial tissue and check out “Always, I love you”.

Always, I love you

Always, I love you, I call, through my days.
Lifted up, thoughts of you, they carry me.
Wiling and willing my time through that haze,
Abiding, until forever comes to be.

Yearning and need guides my hopes and my dreams
Softly tugging me along the path of life.
Idle thoughts turn, as ever my heart deems
Longing for us, for you, my love, my wife.

O, how slowly falling, grains of sand that mock,
Verily choked to a mere halt in the glass.
Even as I, you feel the creep of that clock;
You know the weight of the seconds that pass.

Onward, we stride the bridge of time, us two.
Unto each step echoes, Always, I love you.


Voting will end at 9:00pm Eastern on Saturday September (Thanks Deborah!) 11, 2010 (Which, by the way, is the date for the “A Magical Buffet of Authors” event in Saratoga Springs, NY. Come on, you knew I wasn’t going to post that date and NOT mention the event!)

Good luck to both Erica and Greg! You’re sonnets demonstrate the intellect, enthusiasm, and creative spirit of our readers! My hat off to you both!