NNYPRS Tech Council: The Frank’s Box

By Brian Leighton and Job Mesick

The topic of the day is the Frank’s Box. This is a device that goes by many names: phone to the dead, shack hack, etc. I’d like to clarify that what I write is my opinion. If you don’t agree with me that is your right. Also, if you have your own theories we would love to hear them.

Let me begin by going over the need for such a device. As a paranormal investigator, we collect hours upon hours of possible evidence on every investigation. Approximately 90% of what we catch is audio responses, such as noises or an answer to a question that was not heard during the time of the recording.

Why this happens remains unexplained. One theory is that spirits communicate in a frequency that is either higher or lower than the frequency that we can hear with our ears. We use software to try and “see” what frequency our recordings are in. We use several tools to catch possible EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon). Our most basic tool is a simple digital recorder. We have ways to modify these recorders to help catch recordings, which we will explain in more depth in future articles.

The Frank’s Box is a device created by Frank Sumption and it is basically a broken radio. When you hit the scan button on a radio, it stops at the next strongest station. By modifying the radio to not stop scanning, you have yourself a Frank’s box. Here is the problem that I have with the Frank’s box; it was not designed to catch EVPs from spirits. It was designed to communicate with aliens. You read that correctly…aliens. According to email correspondence that has been published on the web, to this day Frank continues to communicate with aliens and other beings. Now his words have been twisted and that is where his tool has been misused.

Some investigation groups base their whole investigation on this device. We have experimented with this tool on quite a few investigations and we feel that there were some possibilities to his theory. However, these possibilities are open to a lot of interpretation. If you listen to a scanning radio long enough you are going to hear “Yes” and “No” many times, so asking those types of questions are useless. If you listen to it long enough you are also going to hear a lot of other possible replies. Does that mean that spirits are manipulating these recordings? Or are aliens? Chances are not very likely. More often than not it is the simple act of randomness. If you listen to enough records backwards you are going to eventually hear the devil talking to you. After our experiments with the device we found evidence of something possibly repeating names and even colors. After carefully reviewing the audio, you had to really use your imagination to hear the correct response. Due to matrixing, your brain hears the response that you are looking for. If you wanted to hear the word “yellow”, anything close would satisfy your ears.

Our team is based on science and we experiment with our own theories as well as those from other groups. After experimenting with the Frank’s Box, we feel that it does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

About the Authors:
Brian Leighton and Job Mesick are members of the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society’s Tech Council. If you have questions or comments you can visit him and the rest of the NNYPRS group at www.nnyprs.com.