A Contest of Shakespearean Proportions

Sunday’s interview with Peggy Rubin was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? Interested in checking out her book “To Be and How to Be: Transforming Your Life through Sacred Theatre”? Well, break out your ink and quills because have I got news for you! As per usual, Quest Books thinks readers of The Magical Buffet are the coolest kids in town, and once again, they are willing to put some product on the line to prove it! In other words, it’s time for another Quest Books give away!

To celebrate Peggy Rubin’s book, and her affection for Shakespeare, we’re going to have a contest of poetic proportions! You guessed it, we’re going with sonnets! Write a sonnet for your chance to win “To Be and How to Be”!

Here’s the deal:

Step One: Write a sonnet that shares something about your life. (The proper rhyme scheme of the English sonnet is: a b a b / c d c d / e f e f / g g. This means that the first and third lines rhyme with one another, the second and fourth lines rhyme with one another, and so on. An English sonnet is composed of 14 lines, which are broken into 4 stanzas, as the slashes indicate. Each line is composed of 9 to 11 syllables, with 10 syllables being the standard. Technically Shakespearean sonnets are more exacting than this, but come on, I’m no Shakespeare!)

Step Two: Email your sonnet to admin@themagicalbuffet.com with the word SONNET as the subject line. Include your name and address so if you win we know where to mail your prize. Also, specify what name you would like displayed with your sonnet if it is published on The Magical Buffet.

Step Three: Sit back and wait. We’ll be accepting sonnets up to August 31, 2010.

A Sonnet for Potential Entrants by Rebecca (with an assist from Jim)

In a gesture that hopes to inspire you
I decided to jot down a sonnet
To show it’s a thing anyone can do
So stop stalling already! Get on it!

It need not end happ’ly ever after
But with it I hope that you’ll share your life
Be it joyful, overflowing with laughter
Or be sorrowful riddled with strife

Now I’m not claiming it to be easy
I’ve scribbled this down more as a joke
Please try not be vulgar or sleazy,
Seeing that as more challenge than yoke

Just try your best ’cause we’re all friends here
It’ll be better than this so have no fear

You can find more details about writing an English sonnet at eHow.

Have fun, and good luck!