Having Your Own Website Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Has this month been a pretty non-event month at The Magical Buffet or what? It looks like this month will only have 8 articles, quite the drop from the 13 articles that were published in May and June of this year. So what gives?

At the beginning of this month I intentionally ran myself into the ground trying to stay busy and not stress too much about my appointment with a specialist that took place on July 6th. It seemed like a good idea at the time. However, I came back to a household that had been neglected for over a week and a new too busy to breathe season at my office job. (A lady has got to pay the bills, ya’ know.) Add in the few mishaps with starting the beginning of a new treatment, and well, you end up with a lackluster Buffet month.

I had considered not saying anything and hope that no one would notice, but the fact is, I know I’ve been underperforming as of late and I felt I owed each and every reader a personal apology for kind of sucking out. Life happens, but still, I’m sorry folks.

Hopefully me, and The Buffet, will start getting back up to speed again, and I’m getting a little help from some friends.

When I switched The Magical Buffet over from its monthly spirituality focused format to this new whatever floats my boat blog format you guys stuck by me and that change. And let’s face it, we’ve been having some good times; The Colbert Healthcare Challenge, 10 Questions with Steve Kenson, The Quest for Fire: Flaming Mojitos in Our Time, and more. I’ve really enjoyed getting to share more of myself and my interests with you. I hope that from time to time I’ve made you consider something in a different way or perhaps introduced you to something entirely new. That said, there are two things I really wanted to do with this new format that haven’t really come to fruition.

The first thing is, that being a geek, I wanted to share lots of ideas and news from the geekier side of my life such as RPGs, comics, geek-like (or geek adjacent) movies and television, websites, and more. Despite a strong start with my interview with Steve Kenson and a few other assorted “geek” articles I find overall the site to be lacking. All the while, my friend John Sanders has been emailing his friends and I links to articles about all kinds of geeky news, products, or websites. One day I realized, he keeps tabs on many of the geeky things I would want to share with my readers, so I asked him if he would be willing to do that very thing, and he agreed. Readers might not be familiar with John, but they are familiar with a lot of his work. Many of the articles that I publish first get checked over by John utilizing his education in technical writing to my benefit. John works in tech support, which does nothing but elevate his geek cred. He’s currently working on his first novel which is fiction, but I still associate with him anyway. He will be a regular contributor with his own feature, “The Geek Month in Review”.

The other thing I wanted to make sure happened when I switched formats was that I would continue to provide articles of interest for all the wonderful Wiccan, Pagans, and Witches who supported The Magical Buffet from day one. Despite my best intentions, it’s safe to say that the site is lacking. Then one day I was reading a newsletter from Handfasting.org, run by my friend Shira Tarantino (who first appeared on The Magical Buffet in 2007 and again in 2009), and I found myself thinking, man, she’s good. Her articles are interesting, well researched, and generally have a taste of her great sense of humor. I found myself wondering how to get her on my website again. Then it hit me. Just like my friend John and his “Geek Month in Review”, maybe she would be willing to do a “Witch Month in Review” feature for The Magical Buffet. In what I feel is an extraordinary stroke of luck, she agreed. Since Shira agreed she has been sending me emails filled with wonderful ideas and boundless enthusiasm. I know that if you’re looking for news from a Pagan perspective there are great websites like The Wild Hunt (my personal favorite), and it’s associated Pagan Newswire Collective, and Witchvox but my goal here at The Magical Buffet is to offer loads of perspectives and introduce communities to other communities. The Wiccan that subscribes to The Magical Buffet reads the Steve Kenson interview, and my gaming buddies read The Wiccan Rede Project essays. This is a chance to hopefully more thoroughly introduce and integrate diverse communities, and I can think of no better emissary than Shira.

So not one, but TWO new features. See, I may not have been producing much, but I have been thinking about all of you. Now just like I fell behind, both of these guys have their own lives of family, friends, and work, so maybe we won’t see them every month (although I hope we do). I’m hoping that their contributions will make The Magical Buffet both more fun and more informative than it has been in the past. It seems like a good place to start. Both features will debut in August.

Psssst! I know, I know, I’m always about the “A Magical Buffet of Authors” event at the Barnes and Noble in Saratoga Springs, NY on September 11, 2010, but I just can’t resist mentioning it again. Remember, you learned about it here. You’ve joined the event on Facebook and MySpace, right? Good work gang! I’ll be able to thank you in person in September!