Rejoice for Season Two is Out on DVD!

Rejoice for season two of The Boondocks released on DVD this week! I’m consistently amazed that more of my friends don’t watch this show. I love it! Not only is it insanely funny and filled with honest, topical messages, but the art for the show is beautiful. It’s a show that appeals to all five senses, you know, sight, sound, humor, intelligence, and martial arts love. Okay, that last one might be made up.

I cannot comment on the overall quality of the second season. Why? Well, two episodes of the season (“The Hunger Strike” and “The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show”) went unaired in the United States. I haven’t had a chance to watch those yet but I suspect that if they weren’t aired that they are probably particularly funny. To quote Karen from the television show “Will & Grace”, “It’s funny because it’s true.”

What I have seen of the second season shows that The Boondocks continues to maintain its love affair with anime and martial arts, mocking BET and activist reverends, and the trials and tribulations of not just the African American community, but of the American community.

Creator Aaron McGruder takes a lot of flack for the content in The Boondocks. What can I say people, the truth hurts. Take it like a man and laugh at it for God’s sake! The stand out episode for the season in my opinion is “The S-Word”. Not only does it confront the changing usage of the n-word, but it takes on a remarkably Al Sharpton like reverend AND Ann Coulter. Here’s a little tease for you:

(if you are offended by the n-word DO NOT PLAY THIS CLIP!)

Do yourself a favor, buy The Boondocks season one and two DVD box sets. You won’t regret it.