Ghost Research Society Investigation Report

Article provided by the Ghost Research Society

October 27th, 2007

GRS Members Present: Dave Guss, Nancy Guss, Stan Suho, Jim Graczyk, Lisa Krick, Joseph Tito, Joey Tito, Jason Tito, Jerry Lutz, Art Schramm, and Dale Kaczmarek.

Jim Graczyk: “Equipment: 35mm camera. For this investigation I was training new member Jerry Lutz along with assisting the GRS members who were investigating this huge building. My pictures did not have anything unusual to report. I didn’t physically encounter anything unusual in the building. I was pretty busy assisting the entire GRS team and also helping out the public who were invited to this instigation. From what was encountered and reported by other people in this building along with GRS members, I recommend going back to this place for a further investigation.”

Dave Guss: “The night we investigated the Theater I saw a man in the chair in the lower level near the bathrooms, He was very thin, had worn out striped painter’s pants on, dark shirt, long dark beard, flat black hair, eyes were dark and deep looking, I said hi to him and then entered men’s room, after leaving washroom the man was gone. I looked all over theater, at all the group for this person but found no one that looked like him. Also noticed black mass in hallway on second floor on the ceiling looking up from bottom of stairs on first floor lobby.”

Nancy Guss: “Unfortunately I was unable to capture any findings on video but did see some black shapes moving up in second floor mezzanine on the right that were not of human form and also had a feeling of someone sitting in the chair between men and ladies bathroom downstairs and also saw some shapes moving in front of stage curtains that also were not of human form. But nothing on film to verify this.”

Dale Kaczmarek: “I had several EMF readings in the corridor before the seating area and around 2 radiators. There was no reason to get EMF readings there as there was no electrical wiring although I’m sure they were grounded in some fashion. When I went back to recheck the readings, the first radiator showed no fluctuation at all and when I was about to check the second radiator Jason came up and informed me that he had just witnessed a strange shadow glide from the radiator into the theater seating area.

I also got many very high EMF readings in the basement near some conduit however when I turned the EMF meter 90 degrees to one side, nothing appeared. Then when I turned it back 90 to the same direction without elevating the height, the meter went into the red.

Later when I was monitoring the GEIST computer, I felt something hit me physically on the top of my head. I immediately looked up, thinking that someone was playing a joke on me and there was no one up in the mezzanine. Troy and John were seated in the front of the theater near the concession stand and confirmed that no was up there at the time. When I looked on the floor, I noticed that the object that had struck me was a dime which was lying on the carpeted floor.”

Lisa Krick: “I spent most of my time following Rosemary around … we sat in the balcony where nothing happened. Then Jim came and got us and we headed to the twisty stairs which lead to the catwalk … we went up them and walked around in a dusty little room beside the catwalk. Nothing up there … then we went to the basement … on the way down to the basement (I had an EMF meter) I noted that at the top of the basement stairs on the way down, the EMF registered 2.1 … I took a step back and tried it again … it went to 0.0 … we went downstairs and sat staring into a corner where funky black images (in a dark room, mind you) would flit back and forth across the floor and where the shadows in the corner elongated farther than they should have, but would stop whenever more people would come into the room

We headed back upstairs and at the top of the stairs I took another reading … 0.0 … then it was said that someone saw a shadow man in the balcony area, so we headed up there to do readings and to see exactly what lead to where … it was me, Jason, Joey, Dave, and I think Joe … as I was heading down the same path where the shadow man was seen, I was doing EMF readings … Jason was sitting in a seat with an empty seat beside him. The closer I got to him, the higher the device reading went … right beside him in the empty seat, there was a cold spot and when I put the EMF meter over it, it was consistently 2.4 … then I sat down in the seat and it went back to 0.0 … I stood up and walked around a bit and came back to that seat again for another reading, but the meter stayed at 0.0 … I think I must have either crushed the poor spirit or scared him away…

We decided to head back down to the basement one more time … on the way down, at the same spot as before on the landing at the top of the stairs, the EMF registered 4.1 … and then nothing … nothing to report in the basement, there were way too many people moving around and talking for anything to happen … so, we came back upstairs and at the top landing I got another 0.0 … I think that there was something each time which didn’t want us going down the stairs and seemed to be trying to use its energy to keep us upstairs … because I got high readings when we were heading downstairs, but always a 0.0 on the way upstairs … kinda weird …

So, that’s my part in the investigation … it’s a great old building which would bear further investigation when there aren’t a blue million people running hither and yon through it …”

Jerry Lutz: “As this was both my first time with GRS and participating in an investigation, everything was extremely interesting. The speakers were outstanding. As a bit of an amateur photographer myself, I found Dale’s talk especially interesting. As I was “hanging out” with the
GRS crew, I tried to just keep my mouth shut and soak up all of their experience and know-how, which is considerable. The Lincoln itself was amazing. The teamwork and friendliness of the GRS team was outstanding. I was impressed by the way they worked together and assisted each other so well. I look forward to joining the group again. I experienced nothing of note in the Lincoln itself.”

Stan Suho: “For starters I set up GEIST in the second balcony with 3 devices, Ghost Cam, and Microphone. There were reported EVPs in this area. When things were up and running, I made a walk through with the Cassette Recorder. Starting in the lower level below stage, I made a sweep of all the rooms. There were also other groups in this area doing EVP experiments. Then I made walk-throughs of the 1st and 2nd balconies. While seated in a chair on the 2nd balcony I asked several questions. On one question I received a whispered reply. It was unintelligible, but, appeared to respond to my question. I was alone in the balcony at the time. I made a WAV file for the GRS archives and will present it at the next meeting. Nothing unusual showed up on GEIST or Ghost Cam picture.”

Joey Tito: “I was going over footage I had taken at the Lincoln and I came across something out of the norm. It could be nothing, but while recording in the hallway on the main level my camera blacked out for a split second then returned back to recording. This is where Jason had seen the shadow person “walking” toward the doorway into the theater seating area. I can’t explain why the camera would malfunction like that while recording. There was no problem with the continuous footage of Rosemary’s or Dale’s lectures, and we were running off of power not battery. As I mentioned it could be nothing, but I thought it was worth bringing to your attention.”

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