Profile: Prance the Witches Path

Article provided by Prance the Witches Path

Our mission statement is our profile, and our goals are to try to educate through our actions. We believe that setting the proper example of our way of life and spiritual path is the key to educating the public of who we are. As spiritual people on this path known as “the Craft”, we acknowledge our roles within this greater global community. We are a Pagan Resource and Networking Council Educated through Human Experiences Working Independently to create Harmony Embracing Spirituality Pagans against teaching hate. This is not only our group name, but also a part of our mission statement. We are non-tradition specific, yet, we welcome all traditions to be a part of this journey.

Some of our goals include, but are not limited to; trying to help to build community, not bridges. We have been active within the Craft community for over 15 years. PRANCE was our original group, and has evolved, and grown into what it will become this coming Ostara. We are excited about this new venture, and hope that this excitement will be contagious and a spring board as well, into a new direction of the Craft. Those who have known us and been a part of the past, know of our commitment and dedication to our cause. Although there is the word “independently” in our name, it does not define the role we would assume. We are capable and ready to work with others of like-mind. The keyword to this group would probably be “networking”, as that is what and how we have previously worked. Many positive projects and ventures have manifested in the past, and we look forward to a new era of joint ventures and coming together for the greater good. Our final words on this would probably be, “Welcome to Prance the Witches Path!!!. Forever in the service of the Lord and the Lady. In love and Light.”

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