Quest Books Loves Magical Buffet Readers

Quest Books, the fine folks who brought us “Russian Magic” and “A New Science of the Paranormal“, love Magical Buffet readers! To prove their devotion to you, Quest Books will be giving away a free copy of “A Dictionary of Gnosticism” by Andrew Phillip Smith (Remember, the guy who wrote the last article we published.) and a Quest Books tote bag to one lucky Magical Buffet subscriber.

How do you get the free swag? It’s easy! Subscribe to The Magical Buffet! On March 31, 2010 we will randomly select a subscriber of The Buffet! Already a subscriber? Already entered my friend! The winner will be notified at the email address provided with their subscription, at which time we’ll get the name and address of the winner. Then faster than you can say “Dude, this is sweet,” you’ll receive a package from Quest Books!

I can sense your concern. How do you know this will truly be random? You’ll be happy to know that after careful consideration and consultation with experts I have devised a fool proof system. I don’t want to bog you down with the technicalities, but it will involve a bottle of “Menage a Trois Folie a Deux California Red Wine”, closed eyes, and a loose center scroll wheel on my mouse.

To conclude, if you have found yourself saying any of these following things:

I really like The Magical Buffet.
I really liked that article “Reading the Gnostics”.
I really like free stuff.
I really like Quest Books and The Magical Buffet attempting to buy my affection.

You should subscribe to The Magical Buffet! Not only will you never miss a post again, you could win, what I can honestly say is an amazing reference book (“A Dictionary of Gnosticism”! Weren’t you paying attention?).

Pssst! To subscribe just click the word Subscribe in our banner and give us your email address. I swear on my copy of “Absolute Watchmen” that The Magical Buffet will never give your email address to anyone else.