Sacred Lamb

I’m a huge fan of the horror genre, however I’m a big scaredy cat. I will spend hours reading plot synopses of horror films and novels, reveling in the versatility of the genre. That’s why when given the chance to review “Sacred Lamb”, a slasher movie inspired comic by Tim Seeley with illustrations by Jelena Ðordevic and lettering by Steve Wands, I said, “Sure!”

What happens to the lone survivors of horror movies? Usually they kill their pursuer, shamble towards the police cars conveniently rolling up just after the kill, and the screen fades to black. Of course, many times there’s a post credit scene establishing the potential of the killer returning. In Tim Seeley’s world these are endemic victims, EVs, that are taken to a secret government run town to reside in witness protection to stop innocent people from being murdered when the inevitable sequel occurs, and the slasher returns from the dead.

The story follows social media influencer Kellyn West, who live streamed killing her fan, turned stalker, turned slasher killer, by beating him to death with a backhoe. And thus begins her journey to Sacred Lamb, a quaint town that no one knows exists, where West, and survivors like her, are locked away to be forgotten by the outside world and any would be copycat slashers, or killers back from the dead. Once in Sacred Lamb we’re introduced to a trope’s gallery of survivors of assorted killers. In town, our EVs go to group therapy, terrorize each other, plot escapes, and mostly, wallow in their fate. However, when killings begin to occur in the government’s best kept secret location, we start to see what makes a “killer” and what makes a “victim.”

I choose to read Seeley’s “Sacred Lamb” expecting a two dimensional, but fun, meta horror romp. Instead, I got a crazy examination of feminism, pop culture’s effects on each generation, and the human condition. With chainsaws, blood, and explosions. It’s hard for me to find fault with this wild ride of a graphic novel, although I must admit that Dordevic’s art style isn’t my cup of tea. That said, it did not take away from my enjoyment of this wonderful book.

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