A Valentine for You

My husband and I don’t really make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, or our wedding anniversary for that matter. We never really talked about it, but somehow we ended up on the same page. I know it’s going to sound corny, but I swear it is true, when you spend everyday being grateful that you’re with the one you love, you tend to not really care about holidays or events designed to make you feel the thing you are already feeling. However, there is one fun Valentine’s Day tradition that I would like to share with you.

I don’t know how it started, or when, but one year I was at some store right after Valentine’s Day and they had a bunch of their kids Valentine cards on sale. You know, the little ones you gave and received in elementary school. I was struck by how funny and horrible many of them were. On a whim I bought a box, I can’t remember what they were anymore, and decided I would give them to my friends for Valentine’s Day the next year. And thus was born a tradition known as “Rebecca’s Inappropriate Valentines”.

Some years are more horrible and inappropriate than others. I’ve done Lord of the Rings, perfect for geeks while being pretty awful, Pirates of the Caribbean, also good for my friends while still being rather off, Cartoon Network, which were actually just kind of good, and many more. One year I was sorely tempted by Crocodile Hunter Valentine’s cards that were on sale after his death, but I decided that those could potentially cross the line of “inappropriately funny” and land squarely under the banner of “in poor taste”.

This year’s cards were taking advantage of the Iron Man craze of the previous year. Of course, with a new film on the way timeliness isn’t where the inappropriateness comes from. However, there are many other ways this year’s batch were inappropriate. Firstly, Tony Stark wishing anyone a sincere and cheerful Valentine’s Day is just funny. Next, you have the always super G-rated text that all children’s cards have. That is always a gimme for Valentine inappropriateness. Lastly, these cards did not only have the sleek, red Iron Man from the movie, they also had the chunky, clunky, original suit as well. He hopes you “Have a Heavy Metal Valentine’s Day!”

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Magical Buffet!