Product Profile: Sacred Body Jewelry and collisionideas

Sacred Body Jewelry and collisionideas

collisionideas is a company of women involved in teaching and traditional and alternative health and wellness practices. Sacred Body anatomical pins, pendants, and earrings grew from our belief that awareness and well-being must begin with Self, and that through a better understanding of ourselves, we can make healthier, deeper and more meaningful connections with each other.

Since 1983, collisionideas has been making Sacred Body anatomical jewelry to carefully represent the perfect design of the human body. Our sterling silver pins, pendants, and earrings come in anatomical structures that include the DNA, Cell, Neuron, Heart, Brain, Eye, Lungs & Trachea, Tooth, Inner Ear, Male or Female Reproductive systems, Baby in Utero, Kidney, Liver, and Intestines. You can see them all at

You can wear Sacred Body pins, pendants, and earrings for anatomical awareness, healthy visualization, or just for fun. They’re great as gifts to yourself, friends and family, and anyone else with an interest in and appreciation for anatomy and the amazing human form.