Tarot for Real Life

How does he do it? Seriously, how does Jack Chanek pull it off? You may remember how much I adored his previous book, “Qabalah for Wiccans”, which in all honesty should have been titled “Qabalah for Everyone” because it was the first book on Qabalah that really clicked for me, and would work for anyone, Wiccan or otherwise. Well, he back with “Tarot for Real Life: Use the Cards to Find Answers to Everyday Questions,” and yes, he did it again.

Now, when it comes to tarot, I know a thing or two. Not to toot my own horn, but I do some halfway decent monthly single card tarot forecasts on my Patreon. Yet, there is no denying that Chanek’s ability to breakdown complex systems and present them in an accessible order is perfect for tarot. Much like when reading “Qabalah for Wiccans,” I found myself giddy with excitement in achieving better understanding. And with the book’s emphasis on real life applications, “Tarot for Real Life” really IS tarot for real life!

“Tarot for Real Life” by Jack Chanek is an absolute must for anyone starting on the path of tarot reading, but I think even an experienced tarot reader can find something to take away from this book.

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