Profile: The Sabbat

The Sabbat was brought into being because we feel that as practitioners of traditional Witchcraft have very few places to study and develop our Power. We enjoy and cherish spiritual and cultural diversity, however we feel that the older ways of Witchcraft have been shoved under the rug and ignored in favor of newer, untested, and in some cases very dangerous beliefs – we are not creating yet another elitist group, we simply want to resurrect the no nonsense path of Witchcraft that we fell in love with. We are fascinated with pre-historic religious expression, our greatest love is Witchcraft and for most of The Sabbat it is our first and only true love. We celebrate the Dark and the Light, we see both as vital to the survival of all things. We enjoy learning from each other and refuse to deny our beliefs, which, in a sense, feels like a broom closet within the broom closet – it’s sad that we feel afraid to speak our minds in a community that cherishes an open spirit – we want to be recognized for who and what we wish to accomplish: a conclave of individuals who seek to study and master the art of Witchcraft.