There are loads of different ways to practice divination. I should know, I profiled several for my Patrons on Patreon. (shameless plug for my Patreon) However, for evidence to this fact you need to look no further than “In Focus: Divination: Your Personal Guide” by Steven Bright. Bright is a full-time tarot reader that has created a tarot deck, oracle deck, and a kipper deck. He’s written a book about tarot and one about deck design. I’m not saying Bright is the only person who could write this type of book, but he’s certainly more than qualified.

This book, “Divination: Your Personal Guide,” offers an amazing variety of information about styles of divination: Lenormand cards, Kipper cards, playing cards, Elder Futhark Runes, Witches’ Runes, casting charms, diving with crystals, reading colors, reading buttons, reading tea leaves, reading flowers, reading shells, the I Ching, and dice divination. Several of these I hadn’t even considered as divination methods! And Bright does an excellent job of providing enough information that you can start experimenting with the types of divinations outlined in the book immediately. “Divination” is helpfully illustrated and includes an instructional poster.

“Divination: Your Personal Guide” by Steven Bright is a wellspring of inspiration for anyone interested in divination.

You can learn more here.

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