Winterseer Animal Oracle

Why are animals such a popular subject for tarot and oracle decks? The most obvious reason is that animals are adorable, however Siolo Thompson, author and artist of “Winterseer Animal Oracle”, points out that animals have always been used as archetypes and personifications of the gods. Siolo Thompson took inspiration from Celtic, druid, and Norse belief systems to create the 54 card “Winter Seer Animal Oracle.” Thompson is a wonderful artist and illustrated all the cards herself. The “Winterseer Animal Companion” book is beautifully written and full of personal reflections and observations as well as folklore and legends.

According to Thompson, “The primary job of the oracle is to offer insights and focal points to meditate on or to consider, rather than predict the future or reveal your ‘destiny.’” She suggests a three-card spread, or using the deck in addition to a traditional tarot reading. The options are really only limited by your imagination.

The “Winterseer Animal Oracle” is a useful addition to anyone’s collection.

You can learn more here.

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