This Just In?

Celebrated spiritual leader Starhawk was allegedly deported by the Israeli government, the International Middle East Media Center is reporting.  According to IMEMC, Starhawk was there to teach a permaculture course in the northern West Bank and to work with earth activists to develop a project in the Bethlehem area.
Really?  Come on, what’s she going to do?  Make you listen to rhythmic drumming until your country collapses?  Starhawk may be a powerful Witch, but somehow I don’t see that happening.
Of course, the validity of this news story is in question, at least in my opinion.  As far as I’ve seen, there is no mention of the incident in any other news outlets.  Also, the Middle East is not listed in her schedule on her website.  If anyone has a confirmation of this piece, please let us know.
Who is Starhawk?  Click here.