Imperial Dragon Oracle

A while back Lynn, my friend at U.S. Games, asked if I have any interest in dragons. Of course I do, because really, who doesn’t? I’m glad I said yes because I got the wonderful surprise of a copy of the new “Imperial Dragon Oracle” by Andy Baggott and Peter Pracownik. Does the name Pracownik ring a bell for some of you? It should.

That’s right, if like me you were around for the big collectible card game boom, you’ll remember the game “Wyvern” (also done by U.S. Games). Pracownik was the artist who did all those beautiful cards. I never even played the game, but I still bought a few packs of the cards, just for the art. With that said, you now know why as far as I’m concerned this deck is worth owning just to look at. But for those of you who need more than that information, let’s talk specifics of the “Imperial Dragon Oracle”.

What we have is a 22 card deck of over-sized (when compared to the standard tarot deck) cards featuring the beautiful dragon artwork of Pracownik. I consider this oracle deck to be all killer, no filler. By that I mean you get 22 cards that coincide with the traditional tarot card deck’s Major Arcana. No Minor Arcana here, which is fine because honestly, just between you and me, I find the Minor Arcana a little boring. I mean the Major Arcana is where all the tarot coolness is found: The Fool, Death, The Emperor, The Hanged Man. So as much as I wouldn’t mind even more cards illustrated by Pracownik, I don’t feel as if I’m being deprived. (Before I get emails from people who are actually knowledgeable about tarot, unlike myself, I’m sure that all kinds of bad assedness abounds in the Minor Arcana, but I’m a rube so I focus on all the Major Arcana shininess. All better now?)

With the deck comes a nice little booklet that has a whole lot of information about dragons; history, myth, folklore, etc. That’s followed up with a very thoughtful, practical guide about how to prepare and begin working with the “Imperial Dragon Oracle”.

When everything is said and done, this is a great item for anyone who is interested in dragons in any way, shape, or form.