The Witch’s Path

Thorn Mooney gets it. “There was a time,” Mooney begins in her latest book “The Witch’s Path: Advancing Your Craft at Every Level”, “particularly toward the beginning of my practice of the Craft, when I would have planned an elaborate working to mark the occasion. The full moon is a great time to work magic, and I would have taken advantage of the opportunity. Maybe a spell for wealth or luck. Maybe I would have written a meditation and blended an appropriate incense to encourage visions. Maybe I would have cleansed and reconsecrated my altar and simply sat in silent prayer.”

“But not tonight,” she continues, “I had a long day at work and have a lot of other things on my mind. My boss is driving me nuts, I’m worried that I’ve misbudgeted and won’t have enough money to pay the car repair bill I just received, and I still need to figure what weekend would be good for our next coven meeting. I try to schedule two per month, but between a full-time job, birthdays, illnesses, and travel, it’s more like once per month. I’m exhausted, and I just want to sit on my couch with a glass of wine and remote control. That would be okay every now and then, but the truth is that I’ve made a bit of a habit out of this. This isn’t the first full moon I’ve skipped.”

THIS. I FELT THIS on every level. Mooney GETS IT. And I suspect those two paragraphs resonated with many of you too. If so, reward yourself with a copy of “The Witch’s Path”. This book answers the question of what comes after. After you’ve decided you’re a witch of some sort. After you’ve established a bit of a practice. After the practice becomes routine. She offers practical insights, ideas, and exercises to embellish or reinvigorate your practice.

If you’re new to the craft, “The Witch’s Path” offers guidance to help avoid pitfalls when establishing a practice, and if you have an established practice, there is definitely something here for you.

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