Feels Like the Same Old Year to Me

There is a Garfield strip I remember from my youth. In it, the new year has started and as one would suspect, Garfield is holed up in his cat bed covered by his blanket with no inclination to get up. Then Jon tries to reason with him that it’s a NEW YEAR, to which Garfield responds to by sticking his paw out of his box and feels the air. Funny, he says, feels like the same old year to me. (Or something to that effect) However off my paraphrasing here may have been, the spirit is just right, feels like the same old year to me.

For some reason I am lacking the ability to get excited about this new year. Despite it being 2010, a year significant to me because I have vague memories of playing on the theater floor being bored out of mind while my father watched the movie “2010”. I remember something about a baby. And honestly, all the “end of decade” stuff isn’t helping because the decade won’t be over until the year 2010 ends, and even though my husband is perfectly aware that I know this fact he insists on expressing his frustration about it to me, as if I told Rolling Stone magazine to do a decade recap. It’s just silly, if I could tell Rolling Stone to do anything it would be give me another Rosario Dawson/Rose McGowan cover and write as much as they want about “the end of the decade”.

However, I am writing this before the new year hits (even though you’re reading it afterwards….oooooo….technology), and this is the time for introspection. So I have to ask my self, what gives?

I think the issue is that it really does feel like the same old year. Big deals have proven to be less exciting than most would have thought. Although I recognized Barack Obama as a moderate while he was campaigning, most felt (and still feel) that President Obama was a progressive and his election would bring a dizzying tidal wave of change to our country. It’s safe to say that we haven’t had a political upheaval of tsunami proportions. And thanks to my careful following of the health care debate I can now say that I need to disagree with Otto von Bismarck. After seeing how laws are made, I’m quite comfortable watching sausage get made. (And if you follow The Magical Buffet on Twitter you would have heard that line already.) There was a unity government formed in Zimbabwe that was supposedly a BIG deal. Now Mugabe is saying that Zanu PF just needs to wait until the unity government expires and they can have total control again. Who knew there was a time limit on the unity government? Not me. Despite everyone claiming that they hate reality television, it hasn’t gone any where, still dominating helpless little networks that used to be resources for music lovers (that’s right, I’m talking to you MTV). On a personal level, the health issues I’ve been dealing with for the past three years are going strong right into the new year (perhaps I’ll write about that another day, for now, just know it’s not lethal and I’m not ready to talk about it on the website). Heck, even marriage is business as usual with New York failing to legalize same sex marriage.

Now before you get worried, this isn’t meant to be a big ol’ bummer of a welcome to the new year essay. However, why does it feel like the same old year to me? Because in retrospect, it is pretty much the same old year. That said, there was a lot of good news in this past year that bodes well for 2010.

The sitcom has made a comeback thanks to one of the funniest nights of television: “How I Met Your Mother”, “Accidentally on Purpose”, “Two and a Half Men”, and “The Big Bang Theory”. Thank you CBS! Take that reality shows! Sweeping change may not have rolled over our country; however we have a President that I don’t worry about when he’s talking to other foreign officials. Starting this month I’m going to be doing all kinds of new and crazy stuff to help with my health issues. I’m having trouble finding the sunny part of the Zimbabwe story. Hmm, as long as the country is screwed I have stuff to write about? Maybe? Well, it’s the best I’ve got.

Last bit of good news. The Magical Buffet has all kinds of fun stuff lined up for the new year already. Author Deborah Blake will be reporting on Pantheacon for us, I’ve been busy working on a mammoth project that I’ll hopefully be sharing with you all sooner rather than later (this will answer the question of what did Rebecca do as a follow up to reading the House health care bill), we have an interview with The Vigilant Citizen (he talks occultism AND pop culture, Becky likey), a review of a book SO good it’s hard for me to not run around yelling about it now, and much more.

Yes, 2010 seems to feel a whole lot like 2009, but at least 2009 is done and over with. No point in looking back….it’s the future or bust.